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    Polishing and Buffing

    Generally, you're looking for a buffer that can run at about 1750rpm. I use an old furnace blower motor for one wheel and a variable speed bench grinder that I mounted buffs on in place of the grindstones. It's slowest speed is about 2000rpm. Some guys will use a 3450rpm motor but the risk of...
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    Polishing and Buffing

    I use a buffer with Red Tripoli and White Diamond compounds and Carnauba wax for polishing and light deoxidation. For heavier oxidation I soak the stems in Oxyclean and water then scrub off the oxidation with 0000 steel wool and/or Magic Eraser before taking the pipe to the buffer.
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    Old briar

    Lots of folks say the same thing about older pipes. It's one of the main attractions of estate pipes for me - already broken in, made from older briar from burls harvested later in the briar plant's life, and aged longer before carving.
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    Why isn't home blending more popular?

    I'm just catching up to this thread now. Interesting discussion. I've debated trying my hand at growing some tobacco plants and processing a home blend, but when it gets right down to it, I have enough baccy in my cellar to last longer than I will.... :D
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    It was a bad week

    My condolences on your loss. I'm afraid there will be more of this ahead if we can't collectively show some self-discipline and protect each other from COVID.
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    Any Castello fans here?

    Thanks. They are definitely on the larger side of small :D
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    Any Castello fans here?

    Thanks, Rande!
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    Any Castello fans here?

    OK - deleted and re-added the pics. Hopefully that's working now.... :D
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    Any Castello fans here?

    Thanks, Tom. I'll look I to it. Seems I've had this happen before.....
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    Huffelpuff is 50!!

    Better late than never..... Hope you had a great day, Jim, with many more to come!
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    Any Castello fans here?

    I have just finished refurbishing five estate Castello pipes. They have been reamed, cleaned and sanitized and are looking for a new home. PM if interested. 1.  Castello Natural Vergin G 65 Bent Billiard. Asking $250USD 2. Castello Old Antiquari KKKK Saddle Billiard with rare Fumee finish...
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    How many "Look Only" pipes do you own?

    Hmmm. I may be an exception around here! :D I collect vintage, Made in Canada, Brigham pipes and the collection has evolved to be just that. It's more of a physical representation of the company's history for me, though I have, of course, smoked a few of them. I have upwards of 50 in the racks...
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    When did the Danish pipe boom start in North America?

    You might be surprised.... I have found tidbit mentions on pages for Celius, Harcourt, and a few others but it appears that no one has written up an article on the Danish Fancy boom. From what I've gleaned, we're talking about the mid-60s through to probably the mid to late 70s.
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    When did the Danish pipe boom start in North America?

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone has the answer to this question. I'm trying to narrow down the dates for the Danish pipe craze in the US and Canada as part of the research for the book I'm working on about Brigham pipes. All the sources I can find on Pipedia etc just say "the 1960s" - was that...