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    Interracial marriage in the United States

    I enjoyed that show and felt the same about hanging out with the guys with a cigar. Some days I watch the Youtube cigar videos on my phone while having a smoke on the porch. A virtual herf in an odd way.
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    What are you smokin'?

    Just finished a Drew Estates Factory Smokes Sweet. Not infused but it did have a sweetened end cap and for $2.50 it was pretty good. Earlier in the day I had a cocoa chemist cigar from Zeal Cigars. It was a deep cocoa flavor and over an hour to smoke the toro sized stick. This cigar was...
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    What are you smokin'?

    Oliva Melanio robusto with water
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    The Salad of the Day...

    We have salad six days a week probably and we are always on the lookout for great olive oil. We currently use a light olive oil when cooking and extra virgin for salads, dipping sauce, or a final dressing on pasta. I will look this one up on-line.
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    Monte Dominican Robusto Larga-PopUp Promo

    Illusione 88 to change things up a bit.
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    Smoking may disappear within a generation, analysts predict

    Those are heavy flashlights even with three "D" cells. If a person uses that they could still be charged with battery. Had to put the dad joke in...couldn't resist.
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    What are you smokin'?

    An assortment of blends I am now trying. The CAO Brazillia, Rocky Patel broadleaf, Fuente Don Carlos double robusto, and Oliva V maduro. The first two are okay and not bad for the price. The other two are better but a bit over my normal price range.
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    If You Use Humidity Beads

    I had the beads at one time and got tired of buying the glycol so I am back to just using the distilled water and soak the container method. It seems to work fine in my 300 count humidor. When I had the 100, 300, and 1500 count humidors each had a different system. After downsizing to just the...
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    How was your weather today?

    The flippin wind here in the Colorado River Valley is almost as bad as Wyoming. At least it quits for a few days before cranking back up again.
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    What Are You Reading?

    Hmm, the Kindle site has so many and there is a prequel that is after several of the first books to get to know him. I haven't made it that far yet. There does seem to be a recurring character in the first three books as well. The first is Along Came a Spider, then Kiss the Girls, both were made...
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    What Are You Reading?

    I'm going through the Alex Cross series by James Patterson
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    St. Patrick’s Day Roundup

    No corned beef or cabbage. The wife made tacos and if she makes it I figure it's best not to argue.
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    Remix/Remaster album release (long)

    Dude, send me a disk. I'm interested in also seeing what you think about the new(?) carbon fiber guitar by Lava. I want to start playing and instead of a cheap-o guitar I am looking for a middle of the road quality one. This one intrigues me since the weather doesn't effect it, it is smaller and...
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    Relaxing youtube channel

    I have not seen that one. But, the guitar reviews and Norm's Guitar vid's are cool and make me want a guitar now.
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    How was your weather today?

    Yesterday, 2/13/2021 was really windy and so dusty it looked similar to a snow whiteout. I think they call it a haboob. Not hahaha funny and boobs, wish it were. Anyhow today is sunny and clear with a mild breeze. The corvettes were out in full force today. Probably saw two dozen including two...