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    That's awesome news and glad to hear you are on the mend, Rande.
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    Happy Birthday Blackhorse

    Hope your birthday was awesome.
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    Favorite HOT Sauce?

    My recent favorite is the garlic Cholula sauce and the Slap Your Mama seasoning, I put that $heet on everything.
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    What are you smokin'?

    Mombacho liga maestro, pretty smooth cigar that I was given. Ordered a box of 10 just to make sure I really like'em.
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    What are you smokin'?

    Oliva V maduro in the great Wyoming outdoors.
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    How was your weather today?

    Looks like 117 today in AZ and 80 back at the camper in WY. Just in AZ to check on the house, been camping since May in the north.
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    I love French Toast

    Recently discovered a French toast breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese at the store. I have made it at home several times and it an awesome sandwich anytime.
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    Interracial marriage in the United States

    I enjoyed that show and felt the same about hanging out with the guys with a cigar. Some days I watch the Youtube cigar videos on my phone while having a smoke on the porch. A virtual herf in an odd way.
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    What are you smokin'?

    Just finished a Drew Estates Factory Smokes Sweet. Not infused but it did have a sweetened end cap and for $2.50 it was pretty good. Earlier in the day I had a cocoa chemist cigar from Zeal Cigars. It was a deep cocoa flavor and over an hour to smoke the toro sized stick. This cigar was...
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    What are you smokin'?

    Oliva Melanio robusto with water
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    The Salad of the Day...

    We have salad six days a week probably and we are always on the lookout for great olive oil. We currently use a light olive oil when cooking and extra virgin for salads, dipping sauce, or a final dressing on pasta. I will look this one up on-line.
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    Monte Dominican Robusto Larga-PopUp Promo

    Illusione 88 to change things up a bit.
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    Smoking may disappear within a generation, analysts predict

    Those are heavy flashlights even with three "D" cells. If a person uses that they could still be charged with battery. Had to put the dad joke in...couldn't resist.
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    What are you smokin'?

    An assortment of blends I am now trying. The CAO Brazillia, Rocky Patel broadleaf, Fuente Don Carlos double robusto, and Oliva V maduro. The first two are okay and not bad for the price. The other two are better but a bit over my normal price range.