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  1. peckinpahhombre and Canadian Pipe Smokers

    But, how do you bring it back into Canada? Even if you stay for 48 hours, the most you can bring back is 200g per adult
  2. peckinpahhombre

    P&C Doubles Prices of Esoterica Bags

    I'm sure he didn't keep it for long at that price.
  3. peckinpahhombre

    Birthday present from my wife

    Beautiful bulldog. You have a thoughtful woman there.
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    A Pound of Tobacco ?

    "Oh dear, what ever you do don't dry out any Samuel Gawith or Gawith Hoggarth blends to compare weight before/after the fact, it's not a petty picture. " I hear you on this. I always had the same feeling. The fact that SG has that statement of their tobacco indicating that the weight is the...
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    New Pease Flavor

    Not much of a risk really. Tobacco ain't getting any cheaper and enough folks love Haddos aged that, even if I don't like it, it shouldn't be too hard to trade away.
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    New Pease Flavor

    I have never tried Haddos, but I bought into the hype and have over 10 lbs sitting in the cellar at around 10 months of age so far. I hope it is as good as everyone says, once aged. When should I try my first tin - 2 years at least?
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    Christmas Cheer 2013

    I just bought 13 tins, one to smoke in the near future and 12 for the cellar. I am trying to cellar 12 tins per year. I also found a store that has a great stash of vintage CC, and ordered a few of those. Am looking forward to trying this year's blend.
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    JT Cooke

    Harris needs a soft and gentle stem for his purty little mouth
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    Scotties22 Sighting

    Nice work. Are you going to try to bid up your own pipe,lol? Guess the risk is you may end up owning it. That would sting.
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    Deer Tongue

    I can't answer your specific question. I do know that I have tried deer tongue once, and only once, and it was the most horrific experience of my pipesmoking journey. I got a free sample from 4noggins of a blend called Imagine. I lit it up and -- yeesh, the worst thing I have ever tasted...
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    Capstan Blue Flake Review

    I still haven't tried it because I have been away on vacation, but cigrmaster says it is in his top 5. That's good enough for me. I have ordered some but don't worry, there is still plant. The great thing about Macbaren is they know how to meet demand.
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    Capstan Blue Flake Review

    Great review. I have some on the way and am anxious to try it.
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    Congratulations GKCPC contest winners!

    Congrats Dave. Is there a list somewhere of the raffle winners?
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    My first new pipe purchase

    That one is a beauty
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    I am going to Nashville to train with Grant Batson

    Congrats Rev. I have dealt with Grant and own a few of his pipes. he is a really good guy. A great learning opportunity.