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    Its Been A While!

    You also! :cheers:
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    Happy Birthday Briar Spirit

    Happy Birthday buddy!! Happy Puffing
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    Welcome to the madness!
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    Last two ....for now

    Nothing wrong with those pipes at all, you should be very proud!
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    My pipes and more

    WOW the grain on that Freehand, simply amazing piece!! :face:
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    festivals of the little hills

    WOW look at that horn pipe...very cool!
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    Its Been A While!

    Thanks AJ, I'm looking forward to jumping back in on the madness!
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    Its Been A While!

    Thanks so much pal!!
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    Pipe Collection (picture heavy)

    very nice collection, I would be proud to show off those beauties!
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    Its Been A While!

    Hello guys and girls, its been a while since I have contributed to this wonderful forum and I apologize for that, you know how it goes...sometimes life events get in the way and things change a little (nothing bad). I have still been loving my pipes tobaccos and cigars, that has never changed. I...
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    The cellar

    I never tried Hobgoblin?? interesting
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    Finally got up a picture of the pipe grampagrossbart gifted.

    Dude thats an awesome looking pipe, I agree with looks like a rose.
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    Dunhill OR Sommer VERCINGETORIX? Which do you think?

    WOW thats sure some wonderful carving detail, thats must take days to carve. Congrats on your new additions buddy.
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    My S.Yanik Meerschaum with new Stem

    YUP, that S.Yanik is beautiful and I must say that second stem you had made is much better.
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    Twitter Brothers??? #PipeTime

    Sounds Twitter is @Derek7877