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    What does fills look like after LOTS of smoke?

    Funny, I was led to believe that a fill looked like a popped zit after being smoked. Mike B
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    Help with Kirstens

    Thanks for the information Guys. Mike B
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    holiday season

    I would not miss the commercial side one bit, but I do treasure the time spent with family and friends Mike B
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    Determine the Tobacco Volume for Virtually any Pipe

    I apologize if this post offends or irritates anyone. That was not my intention when I posted it. Happy smoking to all. Mike B
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    Determine the Tobacco Volume for Virtually any Pipe

    Credit goes to Fr_Tom for the concept and for laying the groundwork of this post. A simple, easy to use chart for determining the volume of the tobacco chamber of a pipe, new or used, with or without cake. All you need is the diameter of the hole at the top and the height (depth) of the...
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    Help with Kirstens

    I am trying to get a handle on the tobacco chamber dimensions of the various bowl sizes of Kirsten pipes. I would greatly appreciate if any of our Kirsten owners could measure the depth of the chamber along with the inside diameter at the top of the bowl, and post them here or send me a P.M...
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    What are you smoking?

    S.G Curly Cut in one of my hand carved briars.
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    Do you remember your first pipe tobacco?

    Mine was Model, simply because "Grandpa" next door smoked it and the aroma was wonderful. 17cents a pouch back then. What a disappointment, it tasted bitter, and smelled nothing at all like "grandpa,s". Second attempt was with the old Douwe Egberts Amphora and I fell in love with the pipe Mike B
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    Yahoo Web Hosting?

    Thank you Geoff, That is exactly the information I was looking for. Mike B
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    Yahoo Web Hosting?

    Geoff, I am considering a web site to display the pipes I have for sale. I would think just a moderate amount of traffic at most. Thanks, Mike
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    A Pound of Tobacco ?

    BH, I don't have the exact figures... the dog ate my notes... but the lowest reading was 1.45 oz. and the highest was not above 2 oz. My parameters regarding the "proper level of moisture for smoking" may differ from what others may find acceptable, so the "science" involved is not very...
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    A Pound of Tobacco ?

    Having way too much time on my hands this week, I thought I would see how much tobacco there is in a one pound bag. I sampled 5 different quality bulk blends right out of the bag. After weighing out exactly 16 oz of each, I let them air dry for 3 days until they were at an acceptable moisture...
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    Yahoo Web Hosting?

    Has anyone here had any experience with Yahoo web hosting? It appears to be simple, intuitive and easy to edit. Thanks, Mike
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    C&D Three Friars

    I can't see a resemblance to any version of 3 Nuns at all. Not even the latest reincarnation which is a poor comparison to the original. To my taste, 3 Friars is a Burley foreward blend with just enough Virginia to add a touch of sweetness. Nothing especially interesting or complex. Mike Brissett
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    Happy Halloween!

    I went trick or treating today dressed as Ozzie Osborn and all I got for my efforts is some used cigarette butts. Whats the world coming to? Mike