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    2 Buck Chuck...value or waste of money?

    I maybe smoke 5 cigars a year, and they are all ACIDS, which I got yelled at in another forum for smoking those. My attitude is, if you like it smoke it. I hate those snobs who say otherwise.
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    Greetings from the Bay

    Welcome @TheBullfrog I’ve noticed your profile says you’re from San Jose. So am I! Maybe one day, evening or afternoon we can meet up for a smoke? I don’t know too many pipe smokers around these parts. There has to be more than the handful I’ve seen.
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    Anybody here a Brigham man?

    I bought my first Bringham, the POTY and you get a free tamper… haven’t smoked it yet but looking forward to.
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    Selling your McClelland's?

    I see the 50g goes anywhere from 40-60 and 100 go from 80-120. Now add age and the $ goes up.
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    I have some MF. About 2 years of age. let me know I don’t gouge either
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    not made for pipes and tobacco - hacks reappropriation

    On Amazon. PGN Bearings, you get 25 for like $9 and free ship for prime members. how many pipes you think that strip will hold? 10?
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    What movie are you watching?

    I watched The Harder They Fall on Netflix… I was surprised… lots of action and killings. good stuff!.
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    Accessories For Sale WTS/WTT The Haunting

    I see what I did. my apologies
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    Comoy’s Cask #7

    Bump any cans of Comoy’s cask#7 out there??
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    Bulk Tobaccos for Sale

    The text of this post has been deleted as it violated Trading Post User Guidelines. - the Management
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    Accessories For Sale WTS/WTT The Haunting

    The original text in this post has been deleted as it violated Trading Post user guidelines. - the Management
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    Accessories Wanted WTTF/WTB C&D Scarecrow

    If anyone has an extra tin they’re willing to part with let me know. I have tons of bulk and tins for trade or $ if you’re not into trades
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    The Booster

    I will not get any more shots. No boosters, no 3rd shot, no pill… I got the first two and that’s enough for me.
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    So I’m painting inside my house. So far I got one wall done. After cleaning up I knew I should’ve done at least 2 or 3. It’s a messy project and I hate it. I’d rather be at the dentist than painting. I told the wife, let’s hire someone and she was scared because of covid. It’s the worst...