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    Viprati PAD

    Thanks everyone! The grain is quite spectacular all around. It was definitely a good find!
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    Absolutely! It was a pleasure doing business, fast shipping, more than fair prices.
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    Viprati PAD

    I always like to check out local pipe and tobacco shops when traveling and on a recent business trip to Cleveland I stopped by the Robusto and Briar in the suburb of Lakewood. What a great shop with a huge lounge, and in addition to a lot of cigars they also have a very respectable stock of pipe...
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    Tinsky for the BOB Forum

    No problem! One thing about Tinsky’s pipes I like a lot is they’re priced so reasonable for a handmade artisan pipe, and they’re great smokers besides. I own two others and they are all fantastic smokers, one of them I have brings out flavors in oriental tobaccos I have never gotten out of any...
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    Tinsky for the BOB Forum

    Tinsky does offer this shape as one of his catalog shapes:
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    Tinsky for the BOB Forum

    Anyone on the forum remember the pipe that was offered to members by Mark Tinsky? It was quite a while back, I seem to think it was 2007, and unfortunately I can’t remember who came up with the idea and put the work in to get Tinsky to offer it, and if I recall in three finishes, smooth, coral...
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    a few pipes I made while home

    Those look great, I especially like that third one!
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    FishnBanjo Memorial?

    Really sad to hear about his passing, it’s not going to be quite the same without seeing how fishnbanjo is keeping it smokey
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    Morta PAD

    That’s a nice one! Grain looks quite interesting.
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    Nice dog!
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    How do Morgan Bones smoke/ feel?

    I own 4 and just picked up a fifth, they all smoke great! One of them is actually one of my best smokers of any pipe I own. The drilling is spot on on all of them and they pass a cleaner with no problem. Most bowls are on the small side of “average” though a few shapes (like the lovat and hangin...
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    Great-granddad’s Meerschaum

    Thanks everyone, it’s pretty neat to have a physical connection to a great grandfather that died 30 years before I was born, a lot different from just a photograph (which are also nice too). As for the stem I don’t believe it’s amber, it seems to be some kind of synthetic material. It’s in good...
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    Great-granddad’s Meerschaum

    No one in my immediate family smoked a pipe but my great grandfather did and luckily the meerschaum was kept and eventually passed on to me. He was born in Austria in 1877 and immigrated with is parents in 1882 to western Wisconsin. As a young man he homesteaded in North Dakota where he stayed...
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    Small Flemming

    This past winter I picked up a little pipe from Marty Pulvers site stamped Flemming. It’s a little unclear whether it was made by Flemming Peterson (Flemming Piber) or another marque called Flemming (it’s stamped Flemming in script, Piben, Denmark). Regardless who made it it’s a well crafted...
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    How do you smoke your pipe cool?

    One of the things I had to overcome was simply packing too tight. Just a little too firm and I’ve noticed a pipe will have a tendency to smoke hot, and not stay lit, which causes you to puff harder and get it even hotter. I started packing much looser than what I thought it should be and that...