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    Hello & Fond Memories!

    Hello all. It's been ages since I've been able to actively participate on the BoB.   My job changed, kids are growing up and involved in more and more stuff, and life doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. I was looking at the TimeHop app on my phone this morning and discovered that 4 years...
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    Happy Birthday, Roogles!

    Ahoy Gents! I'm still alive and well, just incredibly incredibly busy with not much time to read and enjoy the boards. I have a spare few minutes before a meeting and felt like catching up here. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Cheers!
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    Still around and summer plans

    Not taking it personally at all! :D I was just noticing/thinking that it was unusually quiet around here and then realized my own silence was contributing to it! The Haiti thing is very exciting! Thanks buddy!
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    Still around and summer plans

    Not that anyone has been wondering where I've been, but I realized today that it's been a long while since I've taken time to post here at BoB. School is out now, which means that the kids are running rampant. My oldest two just finished second grade and kindergarten respectively, and our...
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    May Bombing Mission - YES, you May!

    I'm in for the May bombing.
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    L'air du Temps Bombing Mission

    bombs away!
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    L'air du Temps Bombing Mission

    I am in.
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    Developers, Programmers, or IT Professionals?

    I'm a network engineer for small to medium sized ISP in southern ohio, and the linux/unix server guy.
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    March Madness - BoB Bombing Mission #12

    I'm piping in here for Kaiser and myself... Lee & Perrins Worschtershire is my sauce of choice. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ is coming compliments of Kaiser.
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    March Madness - BoB Bombing Mission #12

    I am definitely in... I will cover Kaiser's bottle of sauce too, if he'll send me a PM with his side sauce of preference. (Got you covered buddy!)
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    February BoB Bombers Squadron - Hearts on Fire

    Also, I thought you guys might get a kick out of this... I got everything (well, nearly everything - I was 8 jars short) jarred up last night and took a panoramic photo with my phone before I stashed it all away... It'll take me ages to get through all of this! Thank you, thank you, thank...
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    February BoB Bombers Squadron - Hearts on Fire

    Just when it was safe to come out of the hole... Had one more bomb hit this morning! I'll go back and edit the master-list to include these new items. Three new tobaccos and an awesome (HUGE) pipe from Holland! Thanks!
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    February BoB Bombers Squadron - Hearts on Fire

    I had another box sneak in sometime last night. It was gift wrapped from SmokingPipes.com and contained a 50g tin of Dunhill EMP and a 2oz tin of Captain Earle's Mystic Blend. Thank you again! I will update my comprehensive post to include these two. Seriously, thank you guys!
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    My Ranger

    I have the MacQueen ranger and the wizard as well. They are great pipes! Love the ranger! Enjoy!
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    February BoB Bombers Squadron - Hearts on Fire

    Here is the breakdown of the bombs that landed on el rancho del roogles! Tins 2 x 50g tin of MacBaren Vanilla Cream Flake 50g tin of Eileen's Dream 50g tin of Cup-o-Joes blend # 2 50g tin of Bella Vanilla 50g tin of Sweet Vanilla Honeydew 50g Tin of Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake 50g Tin of...