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    Old briar

    Briar plants have always been harvested at a certain level of maturity - too young, they are small, and won't yield enough pipes. Too old, they will be cracked, full of insects, etc. So that window is 30 years at a minimum, often 50 years, to .... I dunno 100 year old tree? In any case...
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    FishnBanjo Memorial?

    Just for clarity, I was not suggesting changing the name of this area AWAY from a nod to Fishnbanjo, but rather that indicating he is no longer, as it were, an active member, might be appropriate.
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    FishnBanjo Memorial?

    It looks like our friend has passed, possibly a re-name of this part of the forum would be appropriate? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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    How is an Oom Paul smoke channel drilled?

    Yeah, lots of boundaries are being pushed, lots of "non standard" stuff comes out of artisan shops in search of making legitimate physical improvements on difficult shapes (never mind weird stuff like "reverse calabash" ideas too). The bar has been raised in the ten or so years I've been...
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    How is an Oom Paul smoke channel drilled?

    Ser Jacopo does it frequently - the rig amounts to a little grinding head attached to a flexible shaft, and run through a curved tube. Issue being this thing cuts a hole about 1/4" wide. I had a couple made this way, and they were... fine... no real issues. But I didn't prefer them or find...
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    How is an Oom Paul smoke channel drilled?

    Most are drillled horribly. To do it just right takes patience and a bit of skill. With a skinny mortise, drilled into the wall... not so good. With a wider mortise and a little care, you can "nail it"
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    the art and vision of the freehand

    It's really, really hard to pinpoint a good vs bad freehand, or when something is "art" vs a grade 8 shop project. Just where those lines are drawn... Personally I find the Charatan freehands super ugly, just out of proportion and basically pretty bad looking. They seem random and pointless...
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    Rumblings in The Force

    I had beans at lunch. Or, uh, maybe that's not quite what you meant...
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    Are Castellos Better Than Radices?

    Castellos are not twice as expensive as Radices in Italy - try buying direct and you'll feel better about the price point I think. Anyway, in terms of "quality" I suppose it depends on how you are judging. I think both brands smoke well. Castello's worst stem work and shaping is pretty bad...
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    bi-level tenons - good? bad?

    To convince me that it's good, you'd have to show me how it improves the fit compared to a traditional tenon/mortise assembly. I consider every pipe I've had with that kind of "nipple" tenon to be an absolute dog of a smoker - I'd far rather see a deep funnel in a regular tenon.
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    Without Warning, an Assessment

    That astonishes me. I've had two Ascortis and hated them both as smokers. Utterly lifeless pipes.
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    Without Warning, an Assessment

    WHAT isn't a pipe? I think you are confused between freehand and handmade. Here's a handmade pipe that isn't a freehand. It's more or less a copy of a GBD pot, only the grain is crazy nice. What's not "pipe" about this?
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    Without Warning, an Assessment

    Psssst... hey buddy.... wanna buy a pipe? I jest - actually I took this pic in the shop the day the pipe was done, took it to a pipe-club type thing that night, and it never came home with me. Fancy pipes sell, there's buyers for all kinds of stuff, but classics, done right, done tight...
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    Without Warning, an Assessment

    Basically that's where I live too. Plain and perfect. Most of the pipes I smoke are dressed down boring shapes and finishes, and most of what I make is the same. Give me wood and ebonite. The Italians I appreciate are Castellos more than any other brand, and even then, only 1/10 or so is...
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    Savinelli Ultra Billiard

    Yeah, Sav generally does not coat the bowls on Autographs, Giubileos, and I think Punto smooths. Maybe they are getting the message that not every pipe smoker wants filters too. I forgot about the 300 dollars I'd be saving by buying this. That certainly makes it a lot more attractive...