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    Accessories For Sale Dunhill lighter for trade or sale

    I was given two Dunhill lighters. One is a silver Rollagas and the other is this gold Unique (to the best of my search abilities). I like the silver one, but I could stand to let the gold one go. I figured I would post here and see what the responses were like before going to an auction site...
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    Stanwell question

    A NOS Stanwell was gifted to me and I have had no luck in learning anything about it. I will post pics so you can see for yourself. The only thing not pictured is 03 (which I believe to be the shape). Any input appreciated!
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    I like those quite a bit. I wonder, though, how customized they can be. Does the matter of creativity lie in the hands of the producer only or does the laser technique open up design options (such as the aforementioned Celtic knot) to the consumer end. I'd love to have one of these pipes carved...
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    Mike Brissett

    This is sad news indeed. Mike made one of my most treasured pipes, and he will be dearly missed by many.
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    Classical Archery?

    Anybody shooting their recurves now? I've got a 1974 AMF Redwing Hunter that I'm having fun with.
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    Stopping in to say hello

    Thanks, fellas. Thanks Doc!
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    Stopping in to say hello

    Hello everybody!
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    Are they ruined?

    I don't really know where I've been, but I reckon it hasn't been here. :shock: Long time no see, everybody. Anyhow, here is an update on my pipes. I got the pipes back from George a while ago. I told myself as soon as I smoked them I'd come back and update. Then I never smoked them. Yesterday...
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    I'm Cancer Free!!!

    That is excellent news, Ken. I'm very glad to hear it. :D :D :D showme
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    What can I take on an airplane these days?

    I'm back, friends, and have nothing new to add to the conversation simply because I forgot my pipes! Initially, I had a pipe, tin of baccy, and a lighter packed nicely in the checked luggage. After reading through tons of rules I felt confident that I could carry the stuff on, so I removed my...
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    What can I take on an airplane these days?

    TJ, I've always been suspicious of the older crowd. However, as most of them have acquired a nice collection of pipes, etc. I find myself trying to be kind to them in order to work my way into their wills. I've even gone as far as feeding cookies to more corpulent ones in order to hurry...
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    What can I take on an airplane these days?

    Good stuff, guys. I appreciate it. And thank you, too, TJ. I know I can always count on your support. Can I count on your bail money, too? 8) You know, a pipe packed next to a tin of tobacco and a bundle of wiry pipe cleaners sure would look suspect on an x-ray machine. showme
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    What can I take on an airplane these days?

    It's been a couple of years since I've flown with pipe and gear, but I remember I couldn't carry a lighter last time. Have there been any changes that might affect me carrying on a couple of pipes and a couple tins of (open) tobacco? I'm going to leave tampers behind. Or, is it better to pack...
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    New Banner

    Love the new banner. Thanks Chris. showme
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    I'm a father...or...will be...not sure which...

    Congrats on the news, Pipebrew! (The baby news, that is.) I started smoking a pipe shortly after my first one was born. My wife thought I had lost my mind since I had never smoked before, but I did it for me and she has been respectful of that. I only smoke outside or when otherwise away from...