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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    2014 Hal O' The Wynd in a Christmas 2021 Pete sandblasted Hudson with Stash Licorice tea on the side.
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    Meerschaums and clays?

    I have a beautiful smooth Apple Meer dedicated to C & D small batch tobacco SUN BEAR. This tobacco is simply sublime, and I get a wonderful hour + smoke whenever I feel I deserve a break from life's various pressures and demand. The coloring has been SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW. Some paisley=ish...
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    SOLD! RDPipes Blasted Freehand Dublin w/Tamper (12/13/21)

    Ron, if someone else hasn't snagged it already I'll take it. Please let me know...............
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    I needed some good news today and must THANK YOU for providing it! Keep on Truckin'!!!!!!!!!
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    SOLD! RDPipes Blasted Bulldog w/Pecan Bowl cap (12/4/21)

    Man, I'm definitely bummed about missing that one....Gorgeous! (as they all are)
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    Selling your McClelland's?

    MAny Thanks!
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    Selling your McClelland's?

    Where do you access pipestud's site? Is it on the FORUM's Trade section?
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    SOLD! RDPipes Partially Blasted Rhodesian (11/26/21)

    Thank God I didn't get the chance to snap this one up, as I surely would have. I'd be simply petrified to put a match flame to that beautiful bowl!!!!
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    The Peterson 4AB POTY Is Coming.

    Many Thanks, Jim! The past few weeks has seen money fly out of my wallet in a frenzy to acquire a dozen 2021 Christmas Sherlock Holmes pipes (yes, I do have many of the regulars as well) but I'll be sure to keep a caffeine-fueled eagle eye out on Dec 3rd to snatch up these treasures! Again...
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    Will we ever be able to buy our Rattray's favorites like Old Gowrie, Marlin Flake, Hal o' the Wynd and the like online ever again? I can't recall the last time these wonderful tobaccos were available.......
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    My heart goes out to you, Ranger...............
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    speaking of massive....................
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    Why Are There No Match Blends for Esoterica ?

    "What a world! What a world!" to quote the dying wicked witch of OZ
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    Actually, no sooner did I sign off when I realized I'd recently purchased THREE pipes, not the stated two in my post. Now THAT might up the ante on the endorsement scale!
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    My cooler weather choices

    I LOVE most everything Samuel Gawith. Yesterday I discovered a large jar with 2 different baggies from 2007 of Bracken Flake that was sent to me as part of a large box of esoterica tobaccos by an overwhelmingly generous brother here after I simply enquired about Stonehaven. Anyway, I've been...