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    Why Are There No Match Blends for Esoterica ?

    "What a world! What a world!" to quote the dying wicked witch of OZ
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    Actually, no sooner did I sign off when I realized I'd recently purchased THREE pipes, not the stated two in my post. Now THAT might up the ante on the endorsement scale!
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    My cooler weather choices

    I LOVE most everything Samuel Gawith. Yesterday I discovered a large jar with 2 different baggies from 2007 of Bracken Flake that was sent to me as part of a large box of esoterica tobaccos by an overwhelmingly generous brother here after I simply enquired about Stonehaven. Anyway, I've been...
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    What Are You Reading?

    I couldn't agree with you more. I read this last summer and each page kept me fueled for more and more! My wife bought this for my birthday in July, knowing I loved the Lincoln book and always read SO MUCh 19th century American history, particularly in regards to Native American issues. It...
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    Well, what can I possibly add? I bought my first RD1 pipe sometime early in the year, maybe last year(?) and jumped on two more in the past two weeks(!) I just couldn't help myself, as you fellows know. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, wonderful to hold, but doggone it, they do what a...
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    Released on Monday after posting bail, scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 11.

    This stuff just makes me too angry....................
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    Tony Bennett

    Well, in the latter stages Glenn Campbell started to slip up sadly while performing, forgetting lyrics, chord changes, etc. There was a touching bio about his decline on Netflix a couple years back. Such a sad affliction........
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    Why Are There No Match Blends for Esoterica ?

    Is this true? I made a tidy bundle selling old Pease and McClelland blends on ebay last year. When did the curtain drop on tobacco sales on ebay? This whole tobacco targeting thing is getting ridiculous, as if its been relegated to the same category as AR-15's.................
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    SOLD! RDPipes Blasted Bent Egg (9/29/21) SOLD!

    I'm expecting so. Just have to make sure MY honey doesn't find out!
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    Many Thanks, Rande. I'll keep my eyes peeled from now on!
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    Please, me brothers, clue me in! My only experience with BrewDude has been his witty and insightful posts. I've known nothing of his extracurricular activities with tobacco. While realizing this is a dangerous question because there is NO WAY I'll possibly smoke all the tobacco I've got on...
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    Break=in Tobacco?

    HA! Yeah, I can remember those "grape jelly" and "half bowl" "special formulas" that seemed so ridiculous even when I first started smoking pipes a long time ago I wondered just how crazy some guys could be. So like I said, I never even thought about it before until now, with a bunch of new...
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    Break=in Tobacco?

    Given the vast amount of pipes I have, it's funny that I haven't approached this before, but with a boatload of recent pipe purchases in my lap the question presented itself. Do any of you gentlemen have a particular tobacco you use to break in a pipe, that is, establish that first layer of...
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    2021 Peterson Christmas

    Well, I've ordered 5 so far. I just can't help myself. I already have most of the Sherlock Holmes series anyway, but these are outstanding, and with fishtail bits to boot! That new carver they got from Poland is a MASTER. I've got a Hudson and Deerstalker rusticated and man, the carving is...
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    Pipestud's website

    Not a bad plan of action, Ranger!