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    What's up with Warped?

    I wasn't given an itemization, the only "explanation" was that it contained elements other than tobacco, so I'm assuming the honey, tequila blanco and elderflower (?) I know, makes no sense to me, possibly it was limited to the alcohol component, who knows, Massachusetts is the most screwball...
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    What Are You Reading?

    Having just read Peter Cozzens' THE EARTH IS WEEPING and TECUMSEH AND THE PROPHET, both excellent historical tomes on various aspects of Native American history I'm taking a break from my usual American historical reading and am halfway through a great little book by Alexandra Fuller...
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    What's up with Warped?

    It's indeed an unfortunate sign of the times that anything related to tobacco gets relegated to such stringent and, at times, ludicrous legalities. To bear evidence of the ludicrous, I present the following: When the second run of Sun Bear, a mixture I dearly love, became available I became...
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    What's up with Warped?

    I'm under the impression that are the exclusive dealers of Warped pipe tobaccos. That said, I've been waiting for MONTHS for them to get an inventory of Cloud Hopper and Until The End available. Luckily I had previously stocked up on The Red Hunt and Kings Stride (both of...
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    My God, since receiving my first RD pipe, a drop-dead gorgeous partially blasted bent bulldog that smokes sooooooo smooth, I just want more of his pipes. I honestly can say that smoking that pipe adds another dimension of pleasure to a daily ritual that I already find sacred. Even after just...
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    Have You Read This Greg Pease Profile ?

    And so I just bought 3 tins....Many Thanks, Jim! (and, of course, Blackhorse)
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    What movie are you watching?

    The figure on the "poster" looks like Jon Voigt. Is he, indeed, the main actor?
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    Skinny Chimney Tobacco?

    Many Thanks for all the considerate recommendations. Believe me, they ARE very much appreciated!
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    Skinny Chimney Tobacco?

    I recently got a beautiful chimney pipe with a .70inch chamber stack and the tiniest diameter of any pipe I've ever had; .65 (!) Any of you experienced brothers out there have any recommendations for a slow smoking, satisfying tobacco that could possibly burn in such a squeezebox?
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    Dead Mouse in a Tin back in stock.

    I'm pretty well stocked up on Samuel Gawith tobak but got 3 tins of Best Brown and 3 tins of one I've never tried, Sam's Flake. There seem to be some devotees of the latter here - can someone fill me in on what to expect from Mayor Sam's Flake?
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    Analog! Oh Yeah

    WOW! But then again, there's the shipping, which I'm not concerned about the cost impaired but rather, the actual prep work involved for a 66 year old man! At least we're not talking about packing up the Rhodes!!! How the hell I used to gig with one of those, into the '69 plymouth station wagon...
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    Recently made RDPipes

    Well I'm enjoying the heck out of smoking the 5th one, I'll tell you that. Last we "spoke" I rambled on about its aesthetics and tactile beauty. Well now I can add to that its SMOKING beauty because I finally worked up the courage to put flame to that work of art, carefully of course, and man...
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    Analog! Oh Yeah

    R Rob - I used to play piano/keyboards back in the day. When I was living and playing in (West) Germany ini 1979 - 80 I sold my Fender Rhodes for a lot more than I bought it for new at Sam Ash in NYC and bought a brand new Hohner Clavinet D, which I still have, all nice and woody and in...
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    In the early 50's my father worked as a construction engineer in Cuba. My parents used to see "Papa" in a certain bar/hangout, and my mother got up the nerve to have him sign her copy of Old man and the sea. Later on, stateside, a "friend took it and never returned it(!)
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    Bought A Concert Ukulele

    A dear friend of mine and a guy I used to play in a band with had a beautiful model, cherry red with ivory piping and a gold Bigsby tailpiece. He was hitchhiking with it and when they stopped at a gas station he went to relieve himself. Needless to say, when he got out of the mens room, the...