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    What are you smoking?

    The same thing happened to me! I never liked the look of them and now.....I have 10. I bought a Giubileo d'Oro 122 pot in Florence in 2016 and that started it. I now have a Punto Oro 125, Punto Oro Mister G 122, a Punto Oro of which I can't read the number, Roma Lucite 122 and a Silver of...
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    What are you smoking?

    Good morning, gents! Smoking my new private blend (Rhodesian Blend, Jock, Latakia & Perique) in a 1945 Shell Briar Dunhill May you be blessed beyond all expectations!
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    New MM Cob Design

    I received my double overhead cam, forward reverse, MM cob today! My brothers, this is a "must have" pipe. Please believe me and do yourself a favour.....get one as soon as it's available again.
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    What are you smoking?

    Private blend....EMP + 7 Seas Regular + McClellands Oriental an Ebenhard "bottomless" creation. Enjoy your day!
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    John Patton blends at 4 Noggins...MIA!

    Prairie Wind also of my top favourites....I do have about 8oz left but.......... :(
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    MATTNER Pipes

    I thank you, Richard! I'm proud to be the owner of a MATTNER pipe and in such perfect condion :gatewheel:
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    Peterson Summertime pipes?

    I can only guess but......desperation leads to making blue pipes with yellow stems?? I don't want a new Peterson, no matter what it looks like. My last new Pete took 6 months to become smokable
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    Pipe-Shape Matters???

    Yes!! Pots and bulldogs for me as well :cheers:
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    What's Your Favorite Peterson (or Any Other) Shape?

    My favourite Pete shape and the one I smoke at least once a week.
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    Smoking a bowl of tobacco left over from yesterday

    I'm with you on this one! Whenever I find a pipe with some forgotten baccy left inside it, I will try smoking it instead of just discarding it. Most of the times it tastes bad but sometimes it's OK. What I often do is to load a fresh, clean pipe at night. Put flame to the baccy until it's...
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    Shiny and "new" vs smoked w/ patina

    I bought my pipes to smoke and not to exhibit them. That said, I do clean the airways and bowls after smoking. I also have a buff, fixed to drill, to polish my smooth pipes and the stems from time to time. I don't worry about rim darkening and I love the patina on naked briar. All of my...
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    Day of mourning

    Will do, for sure! :( :( :(
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    New MM Cob Design

    Unfortunately they are sold out already :(
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    New MM Cob Design

    I have ordered mine directly from Missouri Meerschaum pipes
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    MATTNER Pipes

    I was given a beautifully restored MATTNER pot with saddle stem by a friend. This pipe smokes like a champ and it's got beautiful bird's eye grain which I love. Any of the BoB know more about this brand, please?