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    G.L. Pease Union Square ---- the thread

    available at smokingpipes. com via website under GL PEASE
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    Flakes, Cakes Or Everything Else?

    I like flakes and cakes simply for their slower burn and more complex flavors.... My celler is being changed to reflect my new taste
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    The best year of Christmas Cheer?

    i have a tin of 1998 which i moved to a mason Jar and 10 years later it is still the worst of the lot. Extremely hot and almost metalic in flavor.... i have a tin opened from 2004 on and i cant tell the difference between them. All are good and benefit from some drying before smoking...
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    C&D Exhausted Rooster, brick in a can?

    That is beautiful!!! I bought a 2oz can recently but have only smoked a bowl or 2... I having fun with the night train plug. Smells like a blond brownie. Damm good. C&D is putting out some great quality leaf.
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    What are you smoking?

    Hearth and Home Anniversary Kake in a Aldo Velani Ultima Bulldog
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    Hey JP Ive been following your posts for a while now... You smoke anything but Walnut...??
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    BoB Secret Santa 09...

    Dammit... I missed it...
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    Heelo all ... Been smoking pipes for about 13 years or so... Im 36 Smoke cigars as well Look forward to joining in the fun here
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    What are you smoking?

    McClelland CC 2008 in a Aldo Velani Ultimate Bulldog No bite classic virginia flavor