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    GLP 2009 NASPC Blends (Gimli's and Treebeard) VALUES

    I paid $13 for each tin this year at the show. There were vendors there selling previous show's tins in the $40 range at the show. TC
  2. Tom Clemons

    For all the old Alt.Smoking.Pipes guys....

    PB, I don't think you are to post about light bulbs here at BOB. Please find a different forum for this off-topic thread. Oh, and about your grammar ..... This was a hoot! I'll have to check out Doc's ASP post. Haven't been there for a while, either to "catch up" anyway. Cheers, TC
  3. Tom Clemons

    The Official Gawith & Hoggarth Thread

    Wow, Warwick, what a list. now I've got to go order more G&H blends to try. thanks, TC
  4. Tom Clemons

    Esoterica Tobacciana Penzance

    Excellent review of one of my all-time favorite blends, which I've smoked for 11 years or more now. I would probably re-write my TR review if/when I get the inclination. It is in my top 10 blends, but probably not my lone desert island smoke that it once was. For the most part, I...
  5. Tom Clemons

    Dunhill EMP- I´d forgotten

    Hi MisterE, I enjoy Murray's version of EMP also. I'm down to a few tins and I try to enjoy this very sparingly as well. Perhaps I'll have just a small bowl this holiday weekend. TC
  6. Tom Clemons

    Yard work Smoke?

    My yard work blends have changed over the years. I now smoke one or more of the few aromatics I enjoy: Dan's Sweet Vanilla Honeydew, Blue Note, Pipeworks & Wilke's Vermont Maple or 191, even RLP-6 on occasion. Why aromatics? 1. The ones I smoke are easy to smoke (I do dry them out some...
  7. Tom Clemons

    solani 633 vs 2015

    I'm catching up on posts here and so this is a bit late. Short story: I also much prefer 633 over 2015. 2015 was my introductory vaper and I once rated it an "A", but now it is a B/B-. 633 is one of three currently available vapers that I give an A+ to (Long Golden Flake and Escudo are...
  8. Tom Clemons

    What is the Proper way to Drink Scotch

    I use to drink single malts neat at room temperature all the time. Now, I almost always add 2-3 drops of water to the glass. I think the wee bit of water does open up the aroma. I use a single malt glass or a brandy snifter as I enjoy the aroma as just as important as the taste in the mouth...
  9. Tom Clemons

    Columbus..... Crap

    LOL, PB. If I had that sign, I doubt I'd ever get any pipes. Thanks for your kind words. I've missed this forum. Been way too busy the past 18 months with lots of stress. '09-'10 looks to be much better. TC
  10. Tom Clemons

    Columbus..... Crap

    It (the columbus show) was a very good show. I hadn't been since 2005. The vendors I talked with all said it was a good show. Much more positive response than I heard at the 2005 show and despite the economic downturn this year. I met several folks from ASP for the first time - Charles Perry...
  11. Tom Clemons

    CAO's Midnight Ride - Help with Classifying

    I'm a fan of midnight ride. I has latakia, but this blend's orientals and Virginias take more of the spotlight. So, I put it in more of what I call a balkan light. This is my use of the term, which for me means a Va-oriental blend with a lower percent of latakia. Other blends of this type...
  12. Tom Clemons

    Sweet and Strong?

    Natural sweetness implies no sweetner added. If that is what you meant, I would suggest GLPease's Union Square. Otherwise for some strength and sweetness: I'll second Rum flake Mamouth Cave Twist (if you can find it) is sweet and has about the strongest nic hit I've smoked. G&H's Whiskey...
  13. Tom Clemons

    The Official Gawith & Hoggarth Thread

    I'm a G&H Fan, too. 1. Conniston Cut Plug 2. Rum Flake 3. Broken Scotch Cake 4. Broken Flake No. 7 5. Whiskey rope 6. Brown Flake unscented TC
  14. Tom Clemons

    Too Many Blends/Favorites

    Greetings Mike et al., I've got 105 pounds in the cellar, hope to build that to about 130. I've plenty of english blends, but keep finding new ones I like here and there. What you said, Mike, about finding the aged blends biting is scary to me. fortunately, I've not had that experience. But...
  15. Tom Clemons

    Nighttime English blend

    Hi Joshua, I'll second Margate and And So to Bed. I'll add Penzance, also from Esoterica. From GLPease, I love Ashbury, Westminster, Abington and Caravan. Caravan is the sweetest of these and up there with Margate and Penzance for me. I've found the Dunhill blends to have more nicotine...