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    Good bourbon or rye from COSTCO for not too much money?

    For value bourbon (sipping or mixing) I like Evan Williams BIB or Wild Turkey 101. Around $15 per 750ml. No need for Costco at that price.
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    WHAT? How if this POSSIBLE?

    I make mistakes, so I'd need an erasable ink version. Liquid graphite?
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    Pray with me brothers!

    My Vegas strategy has always been to bring cash for gambling and pre-pay for the room and entertainment. Leave the ATM + credit cards at home. If the money runs out, I'm done gambling.
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    Hello from Idaho

    Welcome. What part of Idaho?
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    Do any of you still listen to a radio? (Let me know if you don't know what a radio is. :) )

    I listen to the "radio" anytime I'm in the car. It's mostly streamed items from my phone apps - music, podcasts, bible scripture, etc. I'll occasionally tune in to local radio stations to get info on happenings in my area, but I don't ever listen to the propaganda they call "news" on the MSM...
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    Incredible Yellowstone

    Incredible, awesome, inspiring, etc. Good time to go before the summer crowds. Just remember, no selfies with the Bison.
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    Binge-worthy TV shows?

    Doesn't HULU cost $6.99/mo ?
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    Hypothetically, If You Were A Tyrant Who Started A War

    Based on the size of the mag in the above picture, that is not a 50 cal.
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    Phil Collins at 71

    Lots of "hard living" due to 50 years as a rock star. Injuries, surgeries, hearing loss, diabetes, pancreatitis and alcoholism have taken their toll.
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    March 12th…bye bye mask mandate in Oregon.

    I haven't worn a mask since November 5 2020
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    Full Beard

    Just like the crown of my head, my facial hair beyond my piehole is quite sparse. I've tried a beard over the years, but a goatee is all I can muster.
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    Terrible Question

    It looks like you've already identified the root of your dislike.
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    The Price of A House

    We live in the "boondocks", surrounded in all directions by orchards, farms and an 11,000 acre wildlife refuge. The nearest grocery / gas station is 6 miles away. My wife and I had our custom home built in 2016 for $250K and the value has more than tripled.
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    HELP!PLEASE Sav 320 issue

    New pipes go through a break-in period, with some requiring more smokes than others. I've also found over the years that some pipes are just odd and will only smoke certain blends well. If you are not having any issues with draw or burn, then you can likely discount construction. As was...
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    OMG it’s TRUE! White Chocolate Snickers!

    I guess candy isn't woke ... yet.