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    Dunhill Nightcap

    dunhill is supposed to start releasing their blends in the US within the year. don't know what blends yet, some of the ones we're used to seeing & some discontinued ones also.
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    What's Your Worst Smoker?

    i don't have any bad smokers. life's too short, if they don't meet my standards & can't be fixed, they're firewood.
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    I need a reamer

    there's a few different makes of this type: i also use a British Buttner for tapered bowls: 150 grit sandpaper on a finger or a wood dowel can also be used.
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    GBD Lavisse pipes?

    i don't know about those particular GBD's, but i do know GBD made pipes for a few different stores. i have a late 60's/early 70's GBD 1/8 bent brandy made for The Smoker that's a primo smoke. it sounds like yours should be earlier than that, increasing the chances that it'll be a good smoker...
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    Tabacco Transporting...Idea's on Storage

    i know a guy that uses Glad Twist & Lock containers when he travels. they seal well 7 you don't have to worry about denting. a piece of dowel rod works for a tamper, or you can try a Czech tool on your keyring. either matches or using a lighter case takes care of the fire.
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    Watcha' got open!!!!!

    shoot, i keep 24 small jars on a tray that i pull from regularly. i'd say i smoke from all of 'em over the course of a month.
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    tins of dunhill

    Bruce, i wish all the best to ya. i know it can't be easy to temporarily pause enjoying the pipe. just remember that it's for a greater good & you'll be back puffing w/us in a short time. stock up on those Dunnies in the meanwhile!
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    Pipes and Cigarettes

    my main reason for picking the pipe back up a while back was to quit cigs. i kept getting nasty chest colds that lasted from fall to spring. at 1st i smoked 10+ bowls/day, usually high nic blends like 5 Bros., Irish Flake, Univ. Flake. now almost a year later i smoke around 3 bowls/day & no...
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    i wanna say early 60's IIRC.
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    Latakia and Arcadia

    i'd think it's pretty light too, if at all. to me it's lighter in body than Red Raparee.
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    Guess How Many Pipecleaners

    let's go with 162 thanks for the contest!
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    Help Deciphering Tobacco Tastes

    don't know how long you've been piping for, but i couldn't taste much when i 1st started. because of that, i stayed w/mostly english blends. smoking cigars & cigs also seems like it confuses your taste buds. now that i've smoked a pipe for a little while, i can taste a lot more. VA's for...
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    A P-Lip Inquiry

    i don't like the P-lips at all. i reshaped the ones i have into a modified fishtail. P&C sells fishtail system stems, but you'd probably have to send the pipe to Peterson or a repairman for any of the other models.
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    So if it won't stay lit...

    another variable that could be the culprit is how often & how you puff. tamping (or lack of it) also has a bit to do w/it. when i had more of a problem w/keeping it lit than i do now, i eliminated the easiest 1st. i dry my tobac enough so that when i pinch it together it doesn't stick then...