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    What movie are you watching?

    Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) Always glad to see these actors playing these characters. Now that I've said that nicety, this is likely Fellowes' weakest script in every way. I've seen a lot of his stuff, too. The story...there really isn't much of a story, but that would be fine if the...
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    Shortages, shortages, and more shortages!!!

    someone on the news mentioned this yesterday, and I got curious about it. It didn't jive with what little I know about the oil market and how it works, so I read a few articles this morning. I don't want to cherry pick information and bias it. if interested in the idea of energy independence...
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    Independence Day Cheers

    On US Farm Report, from John's World, he did an interesting piece on a lesser known Founding Father, John Hart. I learned a bit, and I appreciate that.
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    How was your weather today?

    An acquaintance bought one of those swings with an awning cover. It sticks out from their roof overhang by a couple feet. Since buying this, they get water in the basement. The awning is adjustable by loosening and tightening a couple large knobs. "When you know it is going to rain heavy, why...
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    84°, clear, and super muggy. Awful weather, but I feel this kind of weather is great for tasting tobacco. My scrubbed Stanwell freehand with new Luxury Navy Flake. I was going to sell this pipe. Completely disappointed from the moment I put a flame to it the first time. Now, this thing is a...
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    Stem Protectors

    here's the hack thread. since posting that, I've learned to warm up the tubing with a lighter before stretching it over the button. a very quick couple of waves of a lighter flame is all it takes to warm the tubing. and I do mean QUICKLY with the flame back and forth a couple times. it'll...
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    74° and very muggy. Feels hot. The newly scrubbed Stanwell freehand with new Luxury Navy Flake. It keeps smoking better and better. A wonderful caramel and molasses nuanced smoke. Rich and sweet tones. I would have packed another bowl if I'd had the time; hit the iron while its hot.
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    Health advice

    I should add that it lasted around a week or so. When I got the shots, I pretty much only suffered from fatigue. None of my other symptoms came with them. EDIT: I'm a believer in keeping up with my exercise routine when sick...especially when sick. Covid hit me hard enough that I missed...
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    Health advice

    I couldn't taste anything. Really, everything tasted like the same unidentifiable chemical flavor. Even water. I couldn't smell anything either. I have allergies, so that part of it is a little more complicated. I was extremely fatigued. Not short of breath or quick to lose energy. I just...
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    Binge-worthy TV shows?

    PBS has been reaching into lesser tier streaming stations(?) and airing things from Acorn and Walter's Choice. I think that is the name. Smart for them to work with PBS to get international programming seen here. Our local station has been airing season 3 of Badehotellet, aka Seaside Hotel, a...
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    80° and clear. Italian poker in a British tradition with 4 year old Night Train. The fig and prune nuances have all but aged out of this tobacco. It saddens me. Nevertheless, it was a relaxing and fine smoke.
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    84° and clear. Couldn't fit one in the morning, but got one after lunch. The Stanwell freehand I've been hitting after the scrub with new Luxury Navy Flake. Either my taste is playing games with me, or I got a hint of latakia during this pipe. It would be the first time this has happened...
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    He has a wonky serve, but Richard Gasquet's one-handed backhand is a thing of beauty. The French and Belgians love their one-handed backhands, and I'm there for it. I'm biased. I have a one-handed backhand. It's not a very good one, but you know. The two-hander feels entirely unnatural to...
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    I do need to get, or to build, a retort. I've wanted one for a long time. The pipe in question doesn't appear to be smoked hard. I've taken it down to bare wood twice with a Sav pipe knife and sandpaper. The first time I cleaned the airway, I used the alcohol and bristled cleaners method. The...
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    Shortages, shortages, and more shortages!!!

    The type of "fake" news I despite is the incompetent news, not just the manipulative type. This should put gas prices into some perspective. This is not a US issue.