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  1. bronxbill

    Happy Birthday

    Happy 235th birthday to the Marine Corps. To all my Brother Marines, Semper Fi.
  2. bronxbill

    Buffalo Soldier

    I ordered several tins of this blend when they first came out, but waited a couple of months to try it. The tin I opened was packed on 4/15/10, so it is fairly young. Upon opening, I was met with a solid block of pressed tobacco with light and dark browns and almost black pieces. Moisture was...
  3. bronxbill


    Let's all take a moment today to remember those that died for our freedom.
  4. bronxbill

    Sorry T.J.

    Well I met Mark (justpipes) at the TAPS show today and tried the "famous" Walnut samples he was handing out. I liked it!!! (sorry T.J.); I guess I'll just have to take myself down to JR's and buy some. I also ended up buying one of Mike Brissett's pipes; a rusticated poker. Good show.
  5. bronxbill

    Nut Brown Burley

    For you fans of this tobacco... I read on another forum that Carol will no longer ship this to new customers. She doesn't think she will be able to get the ingredients much longer and doesn't want new customers to try it, like it and then not be able to get it. You might want to get an order in...
  6. bronxbill

    Low Country Cooper

    This is a tobacco available from; it's the English entry in their new tobacco launch. According to the tin it is made up of Red VA, Orientals, Cyprian Latakia and Perique My tin was packed on 8/31/07 so it was still fairly new . On opening I found mostly broken flakes that...
  7. bronxbill


    Just wanted to say hello, I followed Puff Daddy's link from the Knox forum. I'm currently in North Carolina and have been smoking a pipe for 40 years this year....boy am I getting old!!!!. I'm not a big poster, but I thought I'd register rather than just lurk. That way if I do have something...