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    Just completed another deal. Highly recommended.
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    In the process of my second deal with DoverPipes. I highly recommend him. I thought I had rated him but I don't see it so I give him multiple thumbs up. He even put me in contact with another pipe smoker who is not on this board but purchased a large amount. Dover is a BoB of the highest order>
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    Just completed my deal with Shane. It took a little time but Shane is a brother of his word. He stayed in touch and followed through. I would do business again with him anytime.
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    A gentleman of the first order. I have done business with him over several years and have always found him to a man of his word and very easy to do business with. I have sold to him and we have done trades. Highly recommended.
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    Jeese!! I hope I didn't miss anyone else.
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    I can't believe I forgot Doverpipes!!! He bought an extremely large amount and followed through on everything. He should add with integrity to his name. My apologizes to you sir.
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    Did a couple of transactions with him. First rate. A man of his word.
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    No hesitation to do business with him again. A fine Bob and gentleman. Highly recommended
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    Brewdude is a fine dude in my opinion also. Never crude, lewd or rude. Always in a fine mood....doubt he has ever been sued really don't want to see him nude. Woud do business with a comfortable attiTUDE...I'm out of rhymes.
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    I can highly recommend him also.
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    stan41 is a true Bob. He stayed in touch with me through the entire transaction and followed through on everything he told me. I recommend him to anyone and would most certainly do business with him again anytime.
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    Thanks brothers. It has been a pleasure to do business with all of you. I'm trying to rate everyone so If I missed you please let me know. I would not hesitate to do business with all of you the way, I still have some tins :lol:
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    Very smooth transaction. A1++ BoB. I can highly recommend him. I would not hesitate to do more transactions with him.
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    Highly recommended. Great guy to do business with.
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    Great buyer. Very easy to do business with. Recommended
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    Excellent buyer. No hesitations to do business again.
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    Kyle Weiss

    Great buyer and BoB. Highly recommended.
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    SPUD 15

    Great buyer. Would do business again anytime.
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    Excellent buyer. smooth transaction.
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    I will second that rating. I would not hesitate to do business with Will. He is a man of his word. Our transaction was smooth and very timely. Will is one of the good guys.