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  1. Valdus

    Hello (Again) from Nawlins

    It’s been along time since I’ve been in these forms. But I have returned and the Harley hello to all my friends not forgotten. May we again discussed the gray smoke of our lives!
  2. Valdus

    Tried "Savage Tobaccos" or "Vive Le Saucisse!"

    Ooooooooh so its an aromatic thing? Dang I swore that fizzle off decades ago! You guys are awesome!
  3. Valdus

    Tried "Savage Tobaccos" or "Vive Le Saucisse!"

    With October, sneaking its haunting eye around the corner, the humidity is lessening. But what really ticks me off is that now that Fall is falling, my banana tree is sprouting. Are you really going to do that now?
  4. Valdus

    Tried "Savage Tobaccos" or "Vive Le Saucisse!"

    Inspired after opening the P&C catalog, smelling of a tobacco warehouse, an idea rose in my head like a deep cloud of blue smoke. What does "average Joe" man smoke? Here I am buying up Seattle Pipe Club, Escudo, Presbyterian and GL Pease Westminster (my new favorite), but what does the average...
  5. Valdus

    Pod Coffee.

  6. Valdus

    Pod Coffee.

    I know that French press is the best tasting. In my humble, if it tastes good, the lower the caffeine. But if you let that sit on the counter, without pushing, you’re in for an active day.
  7. Valdus

    Pod Coffee.

    I know that cold brew tastes like the first day of the world, BUT apparently it has reduced caffeine content. I am sorry, I just can't have that when I am knuckle-walking at 6am. I brewed it a lot a few years ago, but needed way more coffee. Now I buy it at the store (French Market is my...
  8. Valdus

    Do you need both a land line and cell phone at home?

    Just smartphones at my speakeasy!
  9. Valdus

    Pod Coffee.

    My wife and I have to drink fuel, we refuse to drink just coffee. That is why we drink something called Da Bomb from Factory roasters. It has double the caffeine, tastes good and like I say of all coffee no matter the taste- it does the damn job. My favorite way of doing it is the french...
  10. Valdus

    Hot Peppers

    Foolish girls, should have drank milk or sugar. It kills the heat immediately. Learned that in Mexico.
  11. Valdus

    Books or audiobooks that you just didn’t get into

    Perdido Street Station, too many characters with bugheads. Dune, I think I read it thirty years too late. I do not believe it has survived the test of time. Though I do enjoy the tech-juxtaposition. Audio-tapes in a space-faring world. Awesome. I also am not too keen on heroes that you...
  12. Valdus

    New dress for the old lady

    Dang I really thought it was about a new dress for the wife!
  13. Valdus

    Discord Chat

    Did this ever, take off? Being a huge gamer, I use discord more than my own voice.
  14. Valdus

    What are your dinosaurs?

    The only thing I miss about youth is the ability to eat without consequences.
  15. Valdus


    Unfortunately the game of Category Roulette ain't over here on the Gulf Coast, we constantly on the vigil for something entering our gulf of uncertainty!
  16. Valdus

    Pipe Feats & Defeats

    Musing over my pipe journal while smoking (what you don't have a pipe journal? To ponder and record the lovely smokes of yonder days?) I made up a list of my pipe feats, great things that happen when you smoke; along with pipe defeats, alas the losses that some of us suffer at the hands of a...
  17. Valdus

    fascinating - How to Make Handmade Soba Noodles

    I was watching this in the beginning to actually make it. Then all of a sudden, whoa, whoa, whoa! I bake sourdough bread very regularly and this is very amazing. I have a deep respect for this man.
  18. Valdus’s so slow around here. Isn’t anything happening?

    Good to know that I have not been the only one that has neglected this fraternity. In a word the summer has been too hot in New Orleans, to move, to type and to think. I have gone slightly insane over Morgan Bones and Missouri Meerchaum pipes, got the churchwarden, another bulldog and an...
  19. Valdus

    Hot Peppers

    Brewdude I could probably identify them if I had a picture?