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  1. swhipple

    In Search of the Perfect English

    Small world! My Mother's side of the family is from Ipswich. Spent quite a lot of time there when I was young. Still have a few relatives that live in the area.
  2. swhipple

    Some arrows are boring...some are not.

    Nice looking arrows. I agree the paint work on shafts really makes them stand out.
  3. swhipple

    BoB's online presence

    BoB has become the only pipe forums I regularly read anymore. I find the vibe here is mostly friendly and casual. I like the fact the it is moderated well and hot button topics get sent to the rubber room. It seems more laid back than most forums these days. I guess I need to participate more to...
  4. swhipple

    The Victorinox Alox Electrician

    Love Swiss Army knives. I've been thinking about adding something similar to the collection. I need another pocket knife like I need a hole in the head.
  5. swhipple

    23rd Annual Raleigh Pipe Show April 3 & 4, 2020

    Typically folks bring something to smoke. There used to be samples on offer but that has mostly gone away I believe due to the new FDA rules? Looking forward to this!
  6. swhipple

    23rd Annual Raleigh Pipe Show April 3 & 4, 2020

    It's been a couple of years since I've been to the TAPS show. I'm going to try and make it this year for sure. Anyone up for an informal get together at the show on Saturday? I'd love to put faces to the names on here and share a bowl you.
  7. swhipple

    Happy IPSD!

    Had a nice bowl on the way home from work, driving through the snow and slush. Warm coffee to go with the pipe. Not a bad way to enjoy the day.
  8. swhipple

    In case you have ever wondered...

    Without checking the link, I think the NC state bird is the Northern Cardinal, the amphibian is the Pine Barrens tree frog, and the fish is the Red drum. Well I guess 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Got the bird and fish right. The Amphibian is the marbled salamander.
  9. swhipple

    Happy birthday,swhipple!

    Thank you everyone! Love the picture Brewdude. You look like you might be a Charmin squeezer!
  10. swhipple

    A Peterson/Squadron Leader kind of day

    Not a bad way to spend a day!
  11. swhipple

    The Shepherd

    Crap! Posted without a link like a noob. Original post has been updated with the You tube link. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. swhipple

    The Shepherd

    Merry Christmas everyone!. Recently found this audio recording of a book I've read a few times over the years. It's even set on Christmas eve so it's appropriate for the season. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy"...
  13. swhipple

    To nog, or not to nog...

    I'll drink about 1/2 a glass every season, just to be social but I can't say I really like it. I prefer my rum straight up!
  14. swhipple

    Secret Santa 2019 - BOB's Twelfth

    Thanks to all the Santa's out there for their generosity! it's a joy to participate in this every Christmas. Big thank you to Carlos for organizing the mayhem.
  15. swhipple

    What do you REALLY want for Christmas? Odds of getting it?

    I have to admit I don't want to much for Christmas. Our vehicles are in good shape and the house is ok too. We are in good health and our living older relatives are doing pretty well too. My daughter just started her first full time job after college and it's even in a field that she wants to be...
  16. swhipple

    Secret Santa 2019 - BOB's Twelfth

    I'm happy to tell you that the Holiday Road is delicious. It really does give you the flavor of a traditional British Christmas pudding with stewed fruit and brandy. The only bad thing about is that it's out of stock :(
  17. swhipple

    Secret Santa 2019 - BOB's Twelfth

    Apparently, I've been better than I thought.  :D  Santa dropped a fantastic package on the porch today. Came with a handwritten card and a nice selection of tobaccos, as well as some tasty treats.  Thank you Santa. Tobacco: Ken Byron - Smooth Criminal Ken Byron - Holiday Road Esoterica - Dunbar...
  18. swhipple

    Secret Santa 2019 - BOB's Twelfth

    :rendeer:  The reindeer and Santa dropped something off on the porch this morning. Can't wait until this afternoon to get open it!  Ho! Ho! Ho! :santa: Oh and someone needs to check their bushes because Santa told me the package I sent was delivered.
  19. swhipple

    Secret Santa 2019 - BOB's Twelfth

    Let the shopping and cellar raiding begin!! This is going to be fun.
  20. swhipple

    Bucket List Pipe at the West Coast Pipe Show

    That is one nice looking pipe. Congrats!