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    Mortise drilled all the way to the bowl

    On one of my grandfather's pipes, the mortise diameter is drilled all the way to the bowl. Is there any reason why that would have been done? It is a Canadian shape too, I find it hard to believe someone could mis drill the mortise that bad
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    Need help identifying my grandfather's pipe

    I have been smoking one of my grandfather's pipes, but I need help identifying it. It has all the features of a Peterson system, but I don't recognize the markings. Also, it is massive, I need churchwarden cleaners to properly clean the stem. And it is a 2 plus hour smoke easily. Anyone know...
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    Metal tenon questions

    I recently got a royal demuth zulu pipe, but it has a metal tenon with a seemingly rough surface. It seems like it could wear out the mortise, though it does feel better after I applied beeswax on the tenon. Any thoughts on if it is safe for the mortise, or should I replace it with a delrin...
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    Pad/tad haul

    Just a few things I picked up 3 oz of a house blend from my nearest tobacconist (champagne and berry aromatic) A tin of lane Andullo A tin of sutliff bacchanalia A tin of sutliff loire valley A handful of cigars And a nice little Zulu I found at an antiques store. Needs a bit of a buff...
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    Peterson's reissue of Dunhill blends available

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but has Peterson's reissued dunhill blends in stock as of now
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    Aromatic flavors

    What sort of flavors are used? I was thinking rosewater/orange blossom water and/or baking/candy flavoring in flavors I like
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    Sparkless/ Zeppelin pipe

    My grandfather had one of those sparkless zeppelin pipes that I have been fascinated by since I was a young child, and now I am thinking of buying/making one for myself. My question is how do you pack and smoke them? I cannot find any info on how to smoke them
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    Carving bead rings in bent bulldog/rhodesian

    I am wanting to start making my own pipes, and repairing a couple I already have, and one of the pipes I want to make is a bent bulldog/rhodesian. I just don't know how I would carve the bead lines. If I tried to use a lathe, the shank would just be snapped off by the shank. Any helpful advice?
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    mystery cigarillo/ little cigar in the bottom left hand corner thre are some packs that have a hot rod on the packs. does anyone know the brand? and where to get them?
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    "Exotic Car" pipes, opinions?

    what I mean bu exotic car pipes is the porsche pipe the bugatti pipe and even though this one does not have an exotic car brand, I will include the Purisme just because it screams lamborgini Aventi does anyone here own any of these? any thoughts on how they smoke? anyone know where to...
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    I broke my chrurchwarden stem

    It was my brand new churche too. :( :( :( I dropped it and snapped the stem on it. I want to get it replaced, but I dont want to have to pay a bunch for ixing it. If I could get a marbled lucite stem and have it made to a mooth transition from shank to stem then all the better. anyone kn ow...
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    need help with pipe cleaning

    ive been smoking my all wood homemade pipes, and after I smoke them I run cleaners through till they come out clean, and they still have an awful taste. what do I do? and im only 18, so whisky or everclear is out of the picture
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    my homemade pipe

    I made a pipe out of some scrap wood to last till I can buy a good briar. its reminds me of gimli's pipe from LOTR
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    N00b needing suggestions

    I currently smoke the occasional cigar, and just made an ugly as can be pipe, and just need some tobacco. I was thinking anything petersons, or something along the lines of the Treasures of Ireland blends. I also thought of picking up a plug of chewing tobacco at the gas station and smoking...
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    N00b from middle of nowhere

    Im Clay, a young college student looking to get in the hobby.