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    Caminetto Cavalier 1979

    Offering Rare Caminetto made for Tinder Box 50 anniv. 1979. Catalog lists run of 250 rusticated consecutive numbered. This pipe is number 297/301 so only 50 were made in smooth finish. Will consider offer of combo $ quality pipes plus tobac. Any interest?
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    Help identify pipe maker logo

    Pipe has no nomenclature only stem logo that looks like animal print. Pipedia lists “cats paw pipes” no current on line contact. Cross grain looks like cherry wood. Any info? By the way smokes well. ,
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    Today’s pipe and tobac

    Smoking Rattray’s Bagpipers Dream in a Sav. Dry system, thick wall and wide updraft lip smokes great smoke.
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    Pipe of the day

    Smoking A dated WDC Wellington that has a well system and Peterson style bit and military mount. They are frequently offered on flea bay at a fraction of the cost of a Peterson any smoke just as well .