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  1. Midnight Blues

    The best pipe you own

    KW, thanks for the kind words. This pair was carved by Jack Howell in 2008, Jack is a US pipe carver that I consider among the best of the best. You can find his website here: Jack Howell Pipes
  2. Midnight Blues

    The best pipe you own

    Well I have 2, Irish twins if you will. When I smoke these pipes I deliberately take my time and that makes me a better pipe smoker. Mr. Howell I eternally tip my hat to you for carving this wonderful pair...
  3. Midnight Blues

    Any Ham Radio Operators?

    I don't have a Ham license but I really enjoy shortwave, and pipes!
  4. Midnight Blues

    My new pipe Yakslon ...

    Lou you might want to get to Yaks table first, by the pictures of his pipes they're simply amazing. I just spent the last 20 minuets looking at all his pipes in this thread (again), I am thoroughly impressed, I have a feeling Yak's pipes wont last long in Chicago.
  5. Midnight Blues

    Branching Out

    I do like cigars and keep a modest humidor, its nice to have fine cigars on hand. Nothing comes close to the pipe though.
  6. Midnight Blues


    Chris, thanks for binging this up, its really hard to imagine just what everyone is going through, they have been in our prayers. We have family in Hawaii, they did make it through the tsunami warnings. I've made it through dozens of snow storms and 2 Gulf Cost hurricanes, but I never...
  7. Midnight Blues

    MarylanD Bans Internet sales

    MD, Can you place an order over the phone to out of state stores or did the state ban tobacco imports all together?
  8. Midnight Blues

    Tobacco Storage (Short-term)

    R, I store all my opened tins in small Ball jars, it wouldn't hurt to wash them out before use but you shouldn't have to sterilize them. As far as tobacco storage and aging, here's a nice piece by Neiil Archer Roan, I actually use the same Ball/Mason jars...
  9. Midnight Blues

    Sad news for members of the old Knox board

    What sad news. TJ and I would go back and forth about vinyl recordings for days, I sure have missed him over the last few years. Would have been nice to have met him in person.
  10. Midnight Blues

    What are you listening to?

    The way Jack plays that Hammond B3 you'd swear it was alive!
  11. Midnight Blues

    Dunhill Bulldog

    Chris, very nice. Lets us know how she smokes. I have a 56' bulldog as well, welcome to the club!
  12. Midnight Blues

    Pipe luncheon

    Aaron, Sounds like a nice time. These days I always smoke alone, like Natch I used to smoke in the company of my beloved black Lab Jake. I sure miss him, we had to put him down in 2009, he was better than most people, a loyal friend. Man I sure miss him...
  13. Midnight Blues

    What are you listening to?

    Thanks H' Jimmy Smith is "Incredible".