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  1. J

    Record price for Stonehaven?

    I'm not sure, but I think my wife might have just a set a record on e-bay with one of my last stashes of Stonehaven. Sure, I wanted to make some money but I would call this highway robbery if I had actually asked for anything even close to this...
  2. J

    article on tobacco history

    Here's an interesting article on the history of cigarettes from the BBC that's notable for NOT vilifying pipes/cigars. It points out that lung cancer was freakishly rare when cigarettes were invented and that pipes/cigars are nowhere near as addictive or prone to cause lung cancer...
  3. J

    The New Bengal Slices

    Well, Russ Oulette's new blend, Fusilier's Ration, has hit the shelves and several tins are on their way to my mailbox.... This is supposedly Russ' nod to the old Bengal Slices. It's described as an oriental-forward latakia mixture pressed and then topped with some kind of a light floral...
  4. J

    Nightcap - a second opinion

    Well, now ... this was unexpected. I've been meaning to try the new Dunhills since their release but haven't gotten around to it until now. I was never a big fan of the Dunhills in the first place. I tried them numerous times over the past 20 years, but I found them too "peaty" and harsh when...
  5. J


    I just completed a trade with hunter1127, and he appears to have broken some kind of land-speed record! Plus, the tobacco was exactly as promised. Good transaction.
  6. J


    I just completed a great transaction with zunismoke. Not only was he fast, but he was exceedingly honest. Lacking a scale, I ended up shipping him more of a certain bulk blend then he had requested. Although I would've never known the difference, he weighed the stuff and contacted me to let me...
  7. J

    Maltese Falcon -- Falcon From the Ashes

    It's happened to all of us at some time or another (or will, if you're still new to this hobby). You smoke a tin of a new blend, decide it's not really for you and then forget about the other tin or two you bought to cellar. Time passes. You forget about it. And then, one day, something jogs...
  8. J

    briar pipe stems

    I'd like to find a good pipe repair expert who could help me replace some vulcanite stems with lucite, if that's possible. I prefer the look of lucite and I'm tired of fighting an endless battle trying to keep the black stems from turning green. So, I'd like to see about having some new stems...
  9. J

    G&H Balkan Mixture

    Now this is a fine Balkan blend, and maybe even a spectacular one -- depending on what you're looking for, of course. This stuff comes in a shag cut, reminiscent of Kendal Kentucky or even Drum RYO tobacco. It's a little moist, so a few minute's worth of drying time doesn't hurt. It's composed...
  10. J

    Why B&Ms are struggling

    I'm fortunate enough to have two B&Ms in town (Knoxville) that have decent tobacco selections in both bulk and tins. Not great, mind you, but reasonable. Anyway, I like to do most of my shopping online but do drop into each of the stores once a month or so. I buy a tin or two, some cleaners...
  11. J

    GL Pease Renaissance -- two distinct blends? A review

    A couple of years back, I managed to buy several tins of Renaissance (one from 2000 and the others from 2003). I sealed them all into glass jars and have been periodically dipping into them on special occasions ever since. My review, obviously, should be taken in the context of my only having...
  12. J

    Awesome Dunhill tobacco history

    This is a VERY nice, lavishly illustrated history of Dunhill tobaccos.
  13. J

    Can you ...

    Can you be both a tobacco "snob" and a tobacco "wh-re" at the same time? I notice that many smokers identify themselves as fans of burlies, or Englishes, or Vas, or Va/Pers, or aromatics. I've gone through each of those phases since picking up the pipe in '90, but as of late it's come to me...
  14. J

    balkan sobranie pouch dating

    I got some pouches of Balkan Sobranie off E-bay a couple of years ago and recently dug one out of the cellar. I was curious as to how old it might be? I don't believe it's more than a few years old and was probably brought over to the US from the EU, where I understand it was available until...
  15. J

    Boswell's Northwoods

    Well, well. I'm about to do something I never imagined that I -- an unrepentant tobacco snob -- would someday be doing. I'm about to give four stars to a full-on English-aromatic crossover blend. That's right - I'm about to favorably compare Boswell's Northwoods to perennial faves like Odyssey...
  16. J

    Reiner Long Golden Flake -- my first bowl

    Well, I'm planning this weekend to pull the trigger on a tin of Long Golden Flake, a blend which has ridiculously good reviews on TR. I've never tried it before, and I've been saving a tin of it for a special occasion. This weekend isn't particularly special, but it should be rainy and cool...
  17. J

    mold or sugar in burley flake?

    I just opened a tin of C&D's Burley Flake #2 (dated 10-19-09) and was surprised to see the tobacco coated with a thin layer of what appears to be fine white sugar or flour. The tobacco smells VERY fruity, almost like it was heavily laced with perique, and the thin was bulging when I opened it...
  18. J

    tobacconists in Cincy?

    We're heading to Cincy (Ohio) so I can have some medical testing early next week. Does anyone here known of any good pipe/tobacco shops in the area? Thanks in advance!
  19. J

    Does tobacco ever actually spoil?

    I've read plenty of accounts of decades-old blends that have evolved into something magical while others seem to lose much of their punch. What I'm curious about is this: If properly sealed (tin, mason jar, whatever) will good tobacco EVER go bad? Is there an expiration date? If I hermetically...
  20. J

    Missing the old Balkan Sobranie or Bohemian Scandal?

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think someone may have finally killed two birds with one stone for those of us who love both classic Balkans and Syrian latakia. McClellands recently released a new mixture by Fred Hannah called "Wilderness." In the space of a few short weeks, this stuff...