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  1. huffelpuff

    Has Anyone Used Pipe Tobacco..........

    Steve, I frequently smoke pipe tobacco in RYO tubes. It gets too bloody cold here in the winter for a pipe. You should have no problems with most pipe tobacco in a cigarette injector. I have a lever manual one and an electric one and both work well with most pipe tobacco. The big issue will be...
  2. huffelpuff

    Happy birthday, DrumsandBeer

    Happy belated birthday Chris! Jim
  3. huffelpuff

    Hiram-2011 it be your birthday today!

    Belated birthday wishes here for you Shane. Many happy returns of the day. Jim
  4. huffelpuff

    Huffelpuff is 50!!

    Thank you gents for all the warm birthday wishes. Jim
  5. huffelpuff

    Huffelpuff is 50!!

    Thank you all. It was a very nice quiet day here which is all I could ask for. Hopefully things will settle down and I can get back to hanging around here a bit more often. Jim
  6. huffelpuff

    Forever Stems at Vermont Freehand

    Great news! Jim
  7. huffelpuff

    How was your weather today?

    6" of heavy wet snow. Powers been out here since 2200 hours (10pm). Trees all over town are down. Power is out to about 15,000 people. Jim
  8. huffelpuff

    How was your weather today?

    2" of accumulated snow so far with temps in the low 30's. Jim
  9. huffelpuff

    How was your weather today?

    As a member of the Polar Bear Club I'm down for a dip in ice water any day! Jim
  10. huffelpuff

    First Morta

    H&H ODF seems like the logical choice. Jim
  11. huffelpuff

    First Morta

    Just got a beautiful Morta brandy in the mail from our very own Ron Powell. Absolutely stunning piece. Incredible sandblast on it. Can't wait to break it in. Jim
  12. huffelpuff

    Breaking News: my daughter has a cough and sore throat.

    Not sure how it would help other than increase your exposure to the pollen. Similar to getting the allergy shots. Eventually you'll build up a tolerance to it. Hopefully it was just allergies and you guys will be fine. On a related note Katie has been tested twice for C-19 and it's come back...
  13. huffelpuff

    How many "Look Only" pipes do you own?

    I only have one pipe that I've never smoked. It's a clay pipe from Princeton graduation from the 1890's. Tradition dictated that these pipes were smoked only once during commencement and then smashed over the butt end of a burried cannon barrel. This one survived unsmoked and will remain that...
  14. huffelpuff

    Grandbaby #7

    Congrats Conrad! Enjoy the father's day visit! Jim
  15. huffelpuff

    Broken Pipe - Michael Hudon

    Very sorry to hear about this. Michael was a good guy. Rest well old friend. Jim
  16. huffelpuff

    In Search of the Perfect English

    Casper. Wow that's a good 3 hour drive from here. Nice town though. I lived in Mesa, AZ for a year and couldn't take the heat. Everyone says "Oh but it's a dry heat". Well so is my oven and I'm not about to crank it up and sit in it either. Summers here are brutal enough for me when it hits the...
  17. huffelpuff

    semi-new here

    Welcome back! Hopefully you find the site more friendly this time around. Lots of folks faded out alright. I'm guilty of that myself at times. Jim
  18. huffelpuff

    Where did you start...and where did it lead?

    First flake was LTF. Which lead to trying pretty much any flake I can get my hands on. Loved Blackwoods and have a bit put away. Escudo, C&D Safe Harbor flake and Star of the East. I'd have to say that right now for me it's Gawith Flakes and ropes. Love me some Cherry Cream Flake. Jim
  19. huffelpuff

    In Search of the Perfect English

    I thoroughly enjoyed Arango Balkan Supreme. C&D Safe Harbor flake is pretty good as well. A favorite though was Aston Artisans Blend. Haven't tried the current iteration of it though so I can't say how well it did after the loss of the Syrian. Smoke a few Scottish and Balkans that I can't think...
  20. huffelpuff

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    3 bowls of Mc Connell Paddington followed by a bowl of Dan's Salty Dog in an old Carey Magic Inch straight sandblast brandy. Jim