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  1. fishnbanjo

    Morta PAD

    Won’t have it for probably 7-10 days but this is the latest, a Morta Poker Sitter with 3 knuckle bamboo shank by Michigan Pipemaker Russ Cook. banjo
  2. fishnbanjo

    Great smoke

    Warmest stretch in a very long time, probably will cool off again with the impending rain front coming in. Keeping it smokey with some 4 y/o Luxury Navy Flake in the gnarly Butera Billiard, regards. banjo
  3. fishnbanjo

    Chilly morning smoke

    Currently keeping it smokey with some 4 y/o Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake in the Morta Nautilus with Tortoise Shell colored stem by Croatian Pipemaker Marinko Neralić. Weather still very chilly with nighttime temperatures in the 40’s, might not get the tomato plants in the ground for...
  4. fishnbanjo

    Mac Baren TAD

    P&C is having a Special on Mac Baren Pipe Tobacco, buy 1lb of Tobacco and get a Ceramic Jar for only $5, got the last lb of Roll Cake! banjo
  5. fishnbanjo

    First Morta in awhile

    From RobE’s Art in Michigan comes this elegant Acorn Morta with mostly grey coloration and streaks of chocolate and black, the accent is black acrylic with specks, and tiny streaks of white, the stem is several shades of grey with some white Cumberland. Keeping it smokey with some 4 y/o Peter...
  6. fishnbanjo

    The wait is over

    I couldn’t wait to unpack the Gilo Pipe by Darko Milovanovic to feast my eyes on the Blowfish, it is stunning, birdseye everywhere. I loaded it with 14 y/o Esoterica Stonehaven to keep it smokey, and it was wonderful. banjo
  7. fishnbanjo

    It’s here

    The Grade 18 Nørding came and I loaded it with some 6 y/o Anniversary Kake to keep it smokey. banjo
  8. fishnbanjo

    Memorial Day (again)

    I wrote this a few years back after losing my uncle Mike but the sentiments are still the same. Ever since returning home from Vietnam in 1970 Memorial Day has held a different perspective in both my heart and my mind, I have found that as the years pass many emotions come to the fore, some...
  9. fishnbanjo

    Lady pipe makers

    How many of you own pipes made by the ladies of the pipe making community? I have been pleased to see the growth of women makers. Anyhow here’s my list: Lady Pipe Makers in my collection Sabina Santos Silver Gray Scottie Piersel Anne Julie Vilma Armellini Elena Doroshenko Yuki Tokutomi...
  10. fishnbanjo

    Pipe bra

    Got a new pipe saver sleeve by Savinelli today, the 15 y/o one I have was getting a lazy zipper. banjo
  11. fishnbanjo

    Shaking knees

    The pull from this beautiful high grade paneled Egg was too much so it’s been added to the fold, once it finds its way from Australia that is. banjo
  12. fishnbanjo

    Well I did it

    Well I finally made the decision to pick up one of Darko Milovanovic’s pipes a very elegant Blowfish. Probably will take awhile to get here from Serbia. banjo
  13. fishnbanjo

    Up next

    Currently keeping it smokey with some Dunhill Dark Flake in the lovely Anne Julie, another of my fine lady Pipemaker pipes. banjo
  14. fishnbanjo

    Don’t let this happen to your pipe collection!

    Currently 4 hrs and 50 mins left with a $592 bid at Goodwill. banjo
  15. fishnbanjo

    Seriously great smoke

    Knock another one off the bucket list. Having kept drooling over the pipes made by Silver Gray I happened upon this lovely pipe she calls the Canoe, it has a Cumberland Stem and the workmanship is indeed splendid, the feel in hand is remarkable and her stem work rivals the best in my arsenal...
  16. fishnbanjo


    After a stint in the hospital for renal failure I’m back, healing and doing physical therapy for the falls I had experienced. Having a grand time keeping it smokey in a Peterson Meerschaum Bulldog Baker Street Edition with silver hallmarked band and P-Lip Stem. banjo
  17. fishnbanjo

    Darko Milovanovic pipes

    Anyone own/smoke a pipe by this Serbian Pipemaker that he brands as Gilo, a nickname for his son, thoughts and etc greatly appreciated, regards. banjo
  18. fishnbanjo

    PAD returns

    I really like some of the craftsmanship and beauty the pipe maker known as Silver Gray puts into her pipes and it had to be faith that a pipe she calls the Smooth Canoe would be the one to float my boat, so to speak, should have it in around 10 days or so, regards. banjo
  19. fishnbanjo

    Askwith Drip Wax

    Well the snow is finally gone, don’t know if it’s the end since April, and May, have turned on us in the past but what will be will be. Decided to pull out the first Drip Wax made by Chris Askwith after several emails back and forth. Told him I was looking for something that would remind one of...
  20. fishnbanjo

    Top 10 American makers

    One of my top 10 American makers is this wonderfully craggy pipe by Michael Butera, keeping it smokey with some Dunhill Dark Flake, what makers are in your top 10 American makers? banjo