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  1. fsu92john

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, brothers and sisters of the briar!
  2. fsu92john

    Happy St. Nicholas' Day!

  3. fsu92john

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year, brothers and sisters of the briar! Happy smoking in 2017. :joker:
  4. fsu92john

    W.Ø. Larsen 2015 Limited Release Hand Pressed Pipe Tobacco

    A bit late for April Fool's Day: Thank goodness Cupojoes is offering it at a discount (only $899 instead of the $1000 list price--for 3.5 oz of tobacco!). The world's most expensive pipe tobacco. This is...
  5. fsu92john

    Some Sutliff and Brebbia blends being discontinued

    I've seen notices this week on Facebook from Mars Cigars that some of the blends in the Sutliff Private Stock and Brebbia lines are being discontinued. Just a heads up if you like any of these that you may want to stock up while you can if your preferences are among the ones on the chopping block.
  6. fsu92john

    Stray bomb

    I seem to have fallen victim to a stray bomb that struck today. Thanks, brother! :D :D :D
  7. fsu92john

    Share your badges

    I thought it might be fun and a good waste of time to see what badges people have earned from You can see them on your account page at the web site. These are mine: La Dolce Vita! Bronze: You have more than 5 Italian pipes in your collection! Tobacco Meister Gold: You have...
  8. fsu92john

    The Butcher strikes!

    Opening the mailbox in all innocence, I discovered a parcel. Within, on blood-spattered paper, charred at the edges, were written these words: John, Since you're reading this, you've become my first victim. You will never find the treasure of the Annabell Lee, and neither will your friends...
  9. fsu92john

    What are you smoking?

    First try of Royal Jersey Cavendish & Virginia in a Gepetto rusticated bent Dublin.
  10. fsu92john

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all. :D :D :D
  11. fsu92john

    What are you smoking?

    Warrior Plug in a Mario Grandi bent tomato.
  12. fsu92john

    Free/discounted shipping from Mr. Snuff--last day

    Folks who are in the market for nasal snuff or for British pipe tobaccos that aren't imported to the US may want to take advantage of the free or discounted shipping offer from Mr. Snuff. Half off shipping on orders over $25, free shipping on orders over $50. Which is pretty awesome when you...
  13. fsu92john


    One thing I pride myself on is my pumpkin carving ability. As with pipe shapes, I prefer the traditional approach. Fancy pattern-carved jack-o'lanterns are fine for those who like them, but give me an old-fashioned triangle-eyed specimen any day. This year my three-year-old helped me a bit with...
  14. fsu92john

    Mastro de Paja meerschaum pipes Never been much of a meer guy myself, but I do love my Mastros. I may be feeling a bit of PAD coming on. :)
  15. fsu92john

    Doblone d'Oro and Brunello Flake

    Anyone else tried these new Savinelli offerings? I've been smoking them daily for the last several days, and I have to say that so far I'm impressed. While it takes time to really get to know any tobacco, at this point I could easily see myself wanting to keep both of them on hand. Both of these...
  16. fsu92john

    What have you never tried?

    I'm not talking about stuff that went out of production in the 1920s or obscure blends not imported to your country of residence. I mean the tobaccos everyone but you seems to have smoked, but which you (for whatever reason) have not. I'll go first with a few that come to mind: 1. Stonehaven...
  17. fsu92john

    Escudo sale coming up at

    Escudo lovers, take note: I got an e-mail from today advertising a one-day-only sale on Escudo. $6.95 per tin on Tuesday, June 17--pretty good deal. There's a limit of 10 per customer.
  18. fsu92john

    It's World No Tobacco Day... your part by destroying as much tobacco as you can. Fire works best. 8)
  19. fsu92john

    Fourteen-year-old Escudo

    Back in 2000, I bought a whole bunch of Escudo when rumors were circulating that it was going out of production. I smoked all but one tin of that batch, which I decided to save for a special occasion. I decided to treat myself to it tonight to celebrate having been granted tenure by my college...
  20. fsu92john


    Today, I received official notice that I've been granted tenure by my institution. This is a major milestone in an academic's life. I plan to celebrate tonight by popping open a tin of Escudo that I bought in 2000--I've been saving it for a special occasion, and I think this qualifies.  :D