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  1. beaupipe

    A cool piece of South African history pipe

    And a wee history of the Oom Paul, too.
  2. beaupipe

    Stanwell exploring new communities for marketing Hmmmm
  3. beaupipe

    Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Piper

    We used to do these little multivocal pipe murder stories on another forum. People just add a line or two and off we go. They usually went from bad to godawful, and they never actually ended but who cares? I'll start: Muddler stared hard at the painting in front of him, a terrifying...
  4. beaupipe

    Coupling on Hulu

    That brilliant British sit-com of a few years just arrived on Hulu. Uh...I smoke mostly English blend while I watch it. I knew it had something to do with pipes.
  5. beaupipe

    McClelland and Flakes

    So I'm sitting here smoking some 4 year old St. James Woods and wondering: McClelland produces some great Virginias and VaPers in broken flake form. Given the popularity of flakes these days, especially those from SG and G&H and PS, does anyone know why they don't produce any classically...
  6. beaupipe

    Keyboard Mixture Reviews

    While sitting at my desk tonight sort of absent-mindedly puffing and contemplating how best to avoid doing what I'm supposed to be doing...well, I turned over my computer keyboard and gave it a wee shake. I won't confess to everything that came out, but mixed in with the dreck was about a half...
  7. beaupipe

    C&D's Star of the East Flake

    This is lovely tobacco.
  8. beaupipe

    Hello from the desert

    Hi All, I wandered past tonight--electronically, of course--and thought it might be fun to pop my head in, say hello, stay awhile. I'm lost in Las Vegas, which is a great place to smoke, I suppose, but little else. I'm a Canuck by birth so it's a pleasure to be down here in the US enjoying...