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  1. Valdus

    Hello (Again) from Nawlins

    It’s been along time since I’ve been in these forms. But I have returned and the Harley hello to all my friends not forgotten. May we again discussed the gray smoke of our lives!
  2. Valdus

    Tried "Savage Tobaccos" or "Vive Le Saucisse!"

    Inspired after opening the P&C catalog, smelling of a tobacco warehouse, an idea rose in my head like a deep cloud of blue smoke. What does "average Joe" man smoke? Here I am buying up Seattle Pipe Club, Escudo, Presbyterian and GL Pease Westminster (my new favorite), but what does the average...
  3. Valdus

    Pipe Feats & Defeats

    Musing over my pipe journal while smoking (what you don't have a pipe journal? To ponder and record the lovely smokes of yonder days?) I made up a list of my pipe feats, great things that happen when you smoke; along with pipe defeats, alas the losses that some of us suffer at the hands of a...
  4. Valdus

    In my hour of Mourning

    6, in memory of 1 Doesn't that always happen, had a smashing time in Jamaica. Spent my 50th birthday in the greatest room in the world...the Appleton Estates rum tasting room and lounge as well as so many other misadventures. But alas the sadness of a all is that I left my Diplomat 5th...
  5. Valdus

    Taking pipes on a trip

    I am going to Jamaica in a couple of days. I am thinking of taking a falcon and two bowls and a cob, along with a sealed tin of Presbyterian. Nothing I cannot replace. What does the Brotherhood think? I would prefer no TSA hassle, glory to the days when you could travel with a rifle and an...
  6. Valdus

    A friend indeed!

    A good friend gave up smoking and handed me a box filled with the following. Just took inventory this morning... 3 oaks Syrian, 5 t, 1 cellaring Briggs London Blend C&D Small Batch Sansepolcro 2t, 1 cellaring Dunhill Royal Yacht, 3t Nightap Escudo GL Pease Westminster, 10 t, 1 c Abingdon, 4 t...
  7. Valdus

    Drugstore suggestions?

    I want to try what the common pipe smoker smokes day to day, suggestions on drugstore tobacco?
  8. Valdus

    How do Morgan Bones smoke/ feel?

    I’ve got my eye on a Morgan bones bent bulldog, can anyone tell me how they smoke?
  9. Valdus

    The Great Pipe Hunt Thread!

    I don't want to step on pipe toes. Nor do I want to mess with the trading post, so I am wondering where this goes. I mean it as a casual thread where smokers talk about what they are looking for, perhaps even desperately. Pipe Hunt I am once again on the hunt. The Peterson Sherlock Holmes...
  10. Valdus

    Pipe documentary

    Just saw this on another forum: Father of the Flame
  11. Valdus

    How do you smoke your pipe cool?

    No doubt in my mind this has been asked before here. I was wondering what methods you use to smoke your pipe cool. In case you haven't guessed yet, I tend to smoke damn hot, and frankly, my fingers and tongue don't like it. I have tried the breath method and delayed satisfaction (putting it on...
  12. Valdus

    Plum Pudding Special Reserve- Taste Nothing!

    I bought 3 cans of C&D small batch and 2 of plum pudding special reserve. As I wrote on, I just don’t get that plum pudding reserve. To me it tastes like nothing, smells good though. I haven’t tried the small batch. Any observations? I blame the subtle Latakia, I just can’t...
  13. Valdus

    This 'Trek

    I mentioned this on another thread. Not sure how many of you follow Star Trek religiously- but I do. I am mulling and fermenting in my head, pondering it with a good bowl, whether I agree or disagree with this new streaming Trek- I mean ST: Discovery. First, what I call the douche-move-...
  14. Valdus

    Indoors/ Outdoors

    I have been thinking about this for a while now. GLORY to all those that can smoke their pipes indoors, for alas I cannot. I have a three year old son and a very nervous wife and thus me pipe is relegated to the savage lands in the backyard. Don't get me wrong, I have a very nice Louisiana...
  15. Valdus

    My first Peterson

    As many of you may know from another thread, I just got. Ys lo that Peterson Sherlock Holmes Handsome. I compromised a bit for the fishtail stem. Instead of ebony I settled with the dark red wood, up in the end I like it better! Also found it for 80 bucks less. Damn that US markup <img...
  16. Valdus

    Pipe at the Kiddy Park!

    I made a daring move today. My three year old warp core son had to have a play outside. I just got a new Falcon with a Chimney bowl. Packed up some escudo and a back up Cobb and went at it at the kiddy park. It was a great idea. Other parents (who I see as competing with me for limited...
  17. Valdus

    This Peterson haunts me,

    Sherlock P-Lip I frankly can’t stop thinking of this pipe. The only turn off is that P-Lip. Don’t know it, never tried it. Anyone can tell me about Peterson and/or that PLip?
  18. Valdus

    Mark Twain Method of packing

    I just read about Mark Twain’s method of packing his pipe via Rudyard Kipling. He carried a sack of tobacco around with a pipe bowl in it. E carried the stem in his vest pocket. The bowl jiggled around the tobacco, thus filling itself. When he wanted to smoke, he just pulled the bowl (with the...
  19. Valdus

    Deadwood anyone?

    Welcome the F**** back! The movie comes out this Friday. A lot of people out there are going to be drinking something brown and opening cans of peaches. He gods boys I love this show, so happy that it is back for one hour and fifty minutes. We needed closer fellas! Anyone else eating canned...