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  1. Buck

    Will cigarettes become illegal in the near future?

    The "Drug War" is a lost cause and everyone knows that it is. Now comes a new war that will make millions of ordinary people criminals. From the story...... "The battle over cigarettes is heating up -- and the momentum to criminalize tobacco smoking continues to build in the United States and...
  2. Buck

    2.5m-year-old tobacco found in Peru
  3. Buck

    Can you smoke your pipe on the job?

    The factory I retired from had smoking allowed everywhere except the offices by union contract. Then the state banned indoor smoking as well as most outdoor smoking so the whole mess went to court so see if the contract or the state had the last word. Well as you can guess the state won.....
  4. Buck

    HDTV's help me pick!

    TV is all about the picture so go with the one that beats out the others for pleasing picture "in you eyes" . 8)
  5. Buck


    Dishwasher (take out batteries). It'll either de-gunk it or firmly kill it. It's ok since ya got nothing to loose.
  6. Buck

    Pole Dancing like you've never seen it before!

    Me either !! :shock: :shock:
  7. Buck


    I retired in 2003 at 57 when my knees just gave out leaving me with the choice of living in a wheelchair or getting them replaced. Since that time I've recovered to the point that all is almost normal again.
  8. Buck

    Do you take the flu shot?

    Neither my wife or myself took a bird flu shot on the consul of our doctor who said we didn't need it. The regular flu shot ? Yeah, we got that
  9. Buck

    meanest looks in Hollywood

    I agree that Danny has built a good movie carreer as a bad guy 'cause he is the real deal to the core having lived a hard life until he got a real chance to turn his life around to become something of a role model to gang kids and other criminal youth that life may be hard but you can earn a...
  10. Buck


    :lol!: :lol!: :lol!: on this we agree! :lol!: :lol!: :lol!:
  11. Buck

    Anyone recognize the breed?

    If that dog lights that pipe I'm voting Republican!!!!
  12. Buck

    Glad I smoke a pipe

    I'm more a cat guy but I hate to see , or hear of, any animal suffering as your dog is. Hope all comes out OK. All the bst.
  13. Buck

    PIPES as part of world history

    Find this episode "037 North American Otter Pipe 25 May 2010" at this link to hear a wonderful presentation of pipe smoking's history.
  14. Buck


    Due to 9/11 and resulting "war on terror" most people have gotten use to not carrying a pocket knife. This is sad since people who carry a pocket knife risk being treated worse than a smoker........they risk jail. :affraid: No matter to me. I carry no less than 3 knives at all times. Have...
  15. Buck

    Tin v. Bulk

    It is my opinion that tins are a waste of money considering tobacco prices today. I buy ,and jar, bulk tobacco's only rather than pay for fancy art work on a tin. Now I know we all won't do that so YMMV,
  16. Buck

    BoB avatars?

    What happened the Avatars after the server switch????
  17. Buck

    Mind warping accordion recital

    WOW!! :affraid: :affraid: That boy ain't playin' polka is he? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  18. Buck

    Identify this woman...

    My oh my! As a young girl Marlynn was quite a lovely ordinary girl. The hollywood treatment really changed her looks! :affraid:
  19. Buck

    Smoking while sick

    Oh yeah! I know THAT feeling. :suspect:
  20. Buck

    just a cool picture

    Yes, he can. A keen observer would note that all of the pipes he smoked were bents with Peterson's being the pipe of choice in most movies. All told I'd guess that Lee really did smoke a pipe in his private life.