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  1. jeepernick

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    Been busy at work and away from the computer for about a week and it seems I missed several birthdays. Instead of posting late for each one I figured I would send out one general post to everyone. Hope everyone had as good a birthday as I did. If not, may you have many more in the future to...
  2. jeepernick

    Long Needed Vacation!

    I'll be gone for a few weeks for a long needed vacation. Gonna spend a couple days in the city of Lost Wages. Then off to visit family in central CA. My Wife's grandfather is celebrating his 80th birthday so we are having a big family reunion. Looking forward to the time off, although as...
  3. jeepernick

    Rehydrating Stogies

    I have read the post on rehydrating pipe tobacco. Anyone have any tips on rehydrating cigars? Would putting them in a storage container with some of the moisture beads work? I went to Mississippi last weekend for a funeral on the wife's side of the family. One of her cousins noticed that I...
  4. jeepernick


  5. jeepernick

    Help Please?

    My father used to buy a house blend from a "Tobacco Lane" store in Paducah. The store has closed and he has been without his two favorite blends for over a year now. I have given him several samples of stuff I have on hand and he just hasn't found one that compares. I checked online and there...
  6. jeepernick

    Pucker Factor!

    Spent most of the day working in the sleet, snow, and freezing rain. It is amazing that people just don't know how to drive in the stuff. I saw my life flash before my eyes at one point when a semi decided to take a trip through the median headed strait towards me. The idea of having...
  7. jeepernick

    Jeepernick's Cellar

    Current Cellar Ashton - Brindle Flake CAO - Patriot Flake Cornell & Diehl - Back Porch Cornell & Diehl - Rocking Chair Dunhill - Light Flake x2 Dunhill - Standard Mixture Mild Mac Baren - Symphony McClelland - Arcadia (221b Series) x2 McClelland - Christmas Cheer 2005 x2 McClelland - Frog...
  8. jeepernick

    NEW CELLAR!!! kind of?

    OK, it is still the same tobacco, But now I have something Pretty to put it in :D I even put my baccy in it to see how it fit Gonna have to buy some more baccy to fill it up! :D :D :D :D :D
  9. jeepernick

    Interesting Flavors

    Has anyone ever detected a flavor in a tobacco that they have never detected even though you are somewhat familiar with a blend? I am nearly through a tin of FMOTT. Today during the charring light I detected the flavor of Lay's Potato Chips :scratch: It was only there for a second and then...
  10. jeepernick


    Hey all, Looks like the site is shaping up pretty well. Now I gots two boards to keep up with :D .