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  1. showme1or2

    Accessories For Sale Dunhill lighter for trade or sale

    I was given two Dunhill lighters. One is a silver Rollagas and the other is this gold Unique (to the best of my search abilities). I like the silver one, but I could stand to let the gold one go. I figured I would post here and see what the responses were like before going to an auction site...
  2. showme1or2

    Stanwell question

    A NOS Stanwell was gifted to me and I have had no luck in learning anything about it. I will post pics so you can see for yourself. The only thing not pictured is 03 (which I believe to be the shape). Any input appreciated!
  3. showme1or2

    Stopping in to say hello

    Hello everybody!
  4. showme1or2

    What can I take on an airplane these days?

    It's been a couple of years since I've flown with pipe and gear, but I remember I couldn't carry a lighter last time. Have there been any changes that might affect me carrying on a couple of pipes and a couple tins of (open) tobacco? I'm going to leave tampers behind. Or, is it better to pack...
  5. showme1or2

    Are they ruined?

    Long story very short. I discovered that I have a heater core leak in my car. My cds and pipe bag were on the passenger-side floor board. Upon discovery (tried to play a cd and noticed the entire backside of the holder was greasy) I noticed the outside of the nylon pipe carrying bad was greasy...
  6. showme1or2

    A question regarding the locked sticky topic

    Puff Daddy posted: A message to all members As we have mentioned in previous policy statements, we here at Brothers of Briar promote good will and conversation among members. Please understand that this applies to the private messaging feature as well. Our private messaging feature is not to...
  7. showme1or2

    Matchbox covers

    I know many pipe smokers have a variety and even a collection of lighters. Style and function can be combined to perhaps show the personality of the owner. But what about folks who only use matches? I thought the variety here began and ended with paper or wood, and brand on the box. Today...
  8. showme1or2

    What do you plan on smoking for the 2008 Communal Smoke?

    I'm planning on smoking my Dunhill Shell with some Squadron Leader from TJ's cellar. Then I may smoke a bowl each from my daughters pipes. That will be three bowls in a row. Hmm, what a way to start the year. showme
  9. showme1or2

    Pipe related websites

    For anyone else who may be as behind in their pipe research as me, I stumbled over this site tonight: pipedia! showme
  10. showme1or2

    What type of razor do you use?

    Straight, safety, electric? I began with an old Gillette twist handle. From there I moved to disposables, to electric, and for the past four years or so I've used straight razors. Lately, though, I've fallen back on the good old Mach III. For some reason I just get the best shaves with that...
  11. showme1or2

    Where in the world is PB?

    I seem to remember this thread from the old place; just a way we can follow PB on his journeys. I'm not sure I've talked to him since I've been here, and he's been uncharacteristically quiet. Everything alright in PBland? showme
  12. showme1or2

    showme checking in

    Hey everybody! Jason told me he had a new place and I'm just stopping in to check it out. I see a lot of familiar names, and hope to continue on with good fellowship. showme