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  1. SPUD 15

    Veteran's Day

  2. SPUD 15

    Mr. Kyle Weiss, writer

    Great review Kyle, your right I was surprised to see the tamper but the large casing is a 308 and not a 223. Great to here from you again. MIKE
  3. SPUD 15

    Old Boy Lighter Problem.

    Sounds like you need to clean the flint wheel with a wire brush to produce a good spark. MIKE
  4. SPUD 15

    Calabash pipe rack

    FYI I do not use plexiglass only lexan which is 20 times stronger than plexiglass. the hole that holds the gourd is tapered and will not scar the gourd. my calabash has been in the first stand that i made over 30 years ago. i have made many of these over the years for acquaintances and...
  5. SPUD 15


    I feel your pain RON.  Getting old is a bitch but I don't like the other option.  Hope you are feeling fine soon.   MIKE FYI Ron try this as I have been using pinholes for years when in a pinch MIKE
  6. SPUD 15

    I'm BACK !

    It's great to see you back mike. MIKE
  7. SPUD 15


    Glad to hear you are ok. Hope things keep going well for you. MIKE
  8. SPUD 15

    What I buy when at the Chicago Pipe & Tobacco Show

    Damn Carlos Country Joe and the fish ( give me an F ). MIKE
  9. SPUD 15

    Attention Please.

    Thanks for the update AJ. Praying for a speedy recovery. MIKE
  10. SPUD 15

    For anyone born in 1960

    As far as my meager set of pipes & tobacco they will probably end up in the trash. You would think that the seller would include the freight in the sale. MIKE
  11. SPUD 15

    I just can't quit this place

    Very well said. MIKE
  12. SPUD 15

    Attention Please.

    Way to go Ron. Michael will feel like he is 30 again when he gets home.. MIKE
  13. SPUD 15

    Thoughts on Zippos

    That lighter appears to be a Nimrod commander which I have found retains fluid about 50% longer than Zippo due to the tongue and groove construction of the tank plus the fact that the top is part of the tank and not the case. MIKE I also have no taste issues with the black zippo fluid
  14. SPUD 15

    Bought a new brush

    Hey Doc Williams soap shut its doors around June of last year. The folks that use it have been buying it up like 22 LR ammo. I'm not one of them MIKE
  15. SPUD 15

    who has made perique at home

    I always thought that all perique was processed in Louisiana. MIKE
  16. SPUD 15

    Shaving soap recommendation

    Thanks Doc I use bearded jacks soap. I was just wondering if monbla was having trouble finding the soap as he has been using it for such a long time. MIKE
  17. SPUD 15

    Shaving soap recommendation

    I'm just wondering if you are still able to find Williams Shave Soap at the drug store as it was discontinued in July. MIKE
  18. SPUD 15

    Happy Birthday Natch!

    Have a great one Natch. MIKE
  19. SPUD 15

    This is What Happens when you don't Pay Attention

    +1 MIKE
  20. SPUD 15

    This is What Happens when you don't Pay Attention

    Ron I gotta say your so called f ups look great to me . MIKE