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  1. Kapnismologist


    A great brother to do a deal with. Smooth as silk, and then some. Thanks much!
  2. Kapnismologist


    A great guy to make a deal with; 100% smooth as a silk. Thanks!
  3. Kapnismologist

    Ozark Wizard

    A great brother to do a deal with. Quick and friendly. Highly recommended!
  4. Kapnismologist


    Just completed an easy trade; a great BOB to work with!
  5. Kapnismologist


    Just completed a nice trade. A great brother to work with. Quick and easy (in matters of making a deal on things related to our hobby, I mean to say). Thanks!
  6. Kapnismologist


    Recently completed some trades; a great partner to work with. Thanks much!
  7. Kapnismologist


    Just completed a deal with Dutch. Friendly, efficient, and an all-around nice guy. Thanks much!
  8. Kapnismologist


    Recently finished a trade and just wanted to say "A+." A credit to our hobby!
  9. Kapnismologist

    Remembering a Broken Pipe

    Logged on to the board today (12/16/14) and saw this at the bottom of the screen: Fond memories of Ken. Requiescat in pace et "pacem en puffing."
  10. Kapnismologist


    A great brother to work with on a deal, with very quick and friendly replies. Hope to interact again on another deal in the future. Thanks much!
  11. Kapnismologist

    2008 Christmas Cheer - Help

    Gentlemen, I recently opened a tin of 2008 Christmas Cheer and see that the insert does not list the crop year for the blend (this was a typographical oversight on McClelland's part, as I recall). Does anyone remember or have note of the crop year? I recall that when the tins were released...
  12. Kapnismologist

    Practical Maize Long Nozzle Straight Suction Tubes

    Sorry, but I could not pass up sharing this one. Made me chuckle, and chuckle, and chuckle again:
  13. Kapnismologist

    8deco Bamboo Tamper

    Gentlemen, Just passing along the word. In my last order from Sykes land, I picked up one of the 8deco bamboo tampers with the concave and vented foot: I have been using it quite a bit and have found the...
  14. Kapnismologist


    Just to let the public know: sorringowl = a great guy to trade with.
  15. Kapnismologist

    The Great Larder Tour 2011, pt. 4 -- SG Kendel Cream Flake

    Samuel Gawith Kendel Cream Flake Described as: “This selection of blended Burley and Virginias offers a mild and creamy smoke from a medium density flake. With an added essence, the pipe smoker who derives pleasure from an easy to rub out flake will certainly enjoy Kendal Cream Flake.” As one...
  16. Kapnismologist

    The Great Larder Tour 2011, pt. 3 -- JP’s Quad Virginia

    John Patton’s Quadruple Virginia The little brother to Cool Hand Fluke, the blend is described as: “Removing the Perique from Cool Hand Fluke results in an all natural four Virginia blend that is both tasty and slightly sweet. Requested by a fan of my blends who loves Virginas but hates...
  17. Kapnismologist

    The Great Larder Tour 2011, pt. 2 -- JP’s Cool Hand Fluke

    John Patton’s Cool Hand Fluke According to 4Noggins, this blend is: “A mixture of Virginia tobaccos create a rather complex background for Perique. At times it goes unnoticed, and other times you taste the characteristics of the sweet, hay like Virginias. Ever present, however, is the earthy...
  18. Kapnismologist

    The Great Larder Tour 2011, pt. 1 -- Peretti's Cuban Mixture

    According to the L.J. Peretti website, Cuban Mixture is: "Our oldest mixture, this combination of seven different tobaccos was originally blended by L. J. Peretti at the turn of the century. Exceptionally mild and smooth, it can be smoked all day by itself or blended with other mixtures for a...
  19. Kapnismologist

    On Contests, Solidarity, and Lots of Tobacco

    So, today I received my prize for correctly deducing the answer to the "odd contest" question which Natch ran a while back (see here:, and I could not be more overwhelmed with the box of goodies which constituted the prize. In addition...
  20. Kapnismologist

    The 'Bugle'

    Someone bid on this, please, otherwise I might just have to: Kind of cool.