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  1. huffelpuff

    First Morta

    Just got a beautiful Morta brandy in the mail from our very own Ron Powell. Absolutely stunning piece. Incredible sandblast on it. Can't wait to break it in. Jim
  2. huffelpuff

    Happy birthday AJ

    Wishing you a very happy birthday AJ! Hope you have a wonderful day. Jim
  3. huffelpuff

    Happy birthday Brewdude

    Hope you're having a great birthday Rande! Jim
  4. huffelpuff


    Color me impressed. Finally got far enough over the cold/bronchitis I had to smoke a few bowls and compare to recent production Royal Yacht. I'll be brutally honest..... I wasn't expecting to like this so much more than RY. Its a much richer flavor to my tastes. Smokes cool and dry just like RY...
  5. huffelpuff


    Have a couple tins of McConnell's Paddington coming also picked up a fair bit of St Andrews from my local B&M its a rather nice Scottish blend that she created on her own. Jim
  6. huffelpuff

    Couple of new items to try

    Picked up a tin of McConnell's Scottish Cake and a tin of Holger Danske Original Orange. Don't smoke aromatics often anymore but I'm always looking for a less offensive tobacco to smoke around others. Jim
  7. huffelpuff

    McConnell's in stock

    I'm probably going to regret letting the cat out of the bag but Smokingpipes has the oh so hard to find McConnell's Scottish Blend, Cake, and Flake in stock! Get it while you can and best of luck guys. Jim
  8. huffelpuff

    Summer splurge

    Stocked up on a few things that should arrive tomorrow. 16 oz PS80 Norwegian blend 16oz D&R 3 Sails 5 pouches of Drexel VIII 8oz of Two Friends Redwood 2oz of Two Friends Redwood to smoke now 100g Orlik Golden Sliced Should last me the summer Also picked up 2 1.15oz tubs of Garrett Scotch...
  9. huffelpuff

    RIP Dick Dale

    And so another legend passes! Dick Dale king of the Surf Guitar is gone at the age of 81. He was still touring to try and cover his medical expenses. What a trooper he was. Jim
  10. huffelpuff

    Busy TADing

    Couldn't pass up a pound of FVF with a solid decade of age on it, and picked up a whole mess of RYO equipment and tobaccos so I don't freeze my assets off this winter. I can just roll some pipe toby and stay fairly cozy. Jim
  11. huffelpuff


    Dan is a great guy to do business with. Very accomidating in dealing with a dinosaur like myself. Would not hesitate to deal with him again. Jim
  12. huffelpuff


    BH suggested cross posting this here as well so here goes. Want to trade or sell for Viking Dark, Peach, Blonde, Brown, Thor's Hammer, or Spear. Prices plus usps shipping priority mail Not listed anywhere else ***\All are pending**** Wilson's of Sharrow $3 each Best SP 25g sealed Ani Extra 25g...
  13. huffelpuff

    First snow of the season

    Yup it's that time here in the high plains desert. Low over night was 19f with an inch of fluffy powder. Jim
  14. huffelpuff

    How long will these stay sealed?

    The Peter Heinrich's Dark Strong Flake tins have a pretty wimpy aluminum foil seal. Can they hold up to the pressure of aging tobacco? Think Iced tea mix powder not pull tab like McC. See attached pic.
  15. huffelpuff

    RIP R. Lee Ermey

    Another legend has passed. Complications from pneumonia. Rest in peace Gunny. Jim
  16. huffelpuff

    Happy birthday SPUD15 and NavyFlake.

    Wishing the two of you the best birthdays. May your day be filled with good food and drink and those you love! Jim
  17. huffelpuff

    Looks like a knee replacement coming

    Well I've had my second infusion of chemo and things Just aren't improving like they should. I see my primary Dr Wednesday. I've already had to go to the ER again to be put back on high dose steroids. Pretty sure I'm going to get passed off to the orthopedics specialist who's going to say it's...
  18. huffelpuff

    First attempt at stoving Va

    There is so little information out there about stoving tobacco I thought I would do some experimenting and share my findings. I started with about an ounce of C&D Opening Night Flake. I toasted it in a pan on the stove top so I could have better control of what was going on. I toasted the...
  19. huffelpuff

    Birthday wishes to Skaukatt and Dusty Roundup

    Happy birthday guys hope it's a great one for you! Jim
  20. huffelpuff

    WandererOfWeirdPaths it's your birthday!

    Happy birthday WoWP! Hope your birthday is filled with family, great friends, and the best food and tobacco you can get your hands on! Jim