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  1. J

    amount of Perique in VaPers

    WOW! If those are accurate, I am stunned at some of the percentages. Those are way higher than I would have imagined.
  2. J

    amount of Perique in VaPers

    The exact percentage of perique that goes into a blend is usually a trade secret, but most VaPers tend to have somewhere between 5 and 10 percent perique. It is definitely a condimental tobacco -- unlike latakia, which can be added to a blend in quantities well over 50 percent, perique will...
  3. J

    Jim's GLP Gaslight Review

    Gaslight has turned into one of my favorite lat blends in very short order (Odyssey, Fusiliers Ration, Northwoods and Magnum Opus are the others,with Maltese Falcon a runner-up). It's an incredibly smooth and flavorful mixture, and I love the cake presentation. I don't know if it's my favorite...
  4. J

    Filtered pipes

    I have more Savs than pipes from any other manufacturer (except MM cobs), and I love each and every one of them. They all use the balsa inserts, and the filters are one of the main reasons I love them so much. I don't understand how some people feel they restrict the draw -- I can detect no...
  5. J

    Cornell & Diehl 5 O'Clock Shadow

    This just goes to show how tastes differ! I felt the plum-like notes of OJK were more prevalent than in 5 O'Clock Shadow, and I liked the additional sweetness, as well. I'm also not a huge fan of Kentucky leaf over more traditional burleys, which I'm sure also plays a role in which I prefer. I'm...
  6. J

    Cornell & Diehl 5 O'Clock Shadow

    I got to sample a couple of bowls of this last week. It tasted like a less sweet version of Old Joe Krantz, IMO. Burning characteristics are good, no bite, good nicotine hit. But it didn't really ring my bell like OJK does.
  7. J

    Record price for Stonehaven?

    No problem!
  8. J

    Record price for Stonehaven?

    Um, no she doesn't! We don't have any Christmas Cheer at all up and don't plan to….
  9. J

    Record price for Stonehaven?

    I'm not sure, but I think my wife might have just a set a record on e-bay with one of my last stashes of Stonehaven. Sure, I wanted to make some money but I would call this highway robbery if I had actually asked for anything even close to this...
  10. J

    Apple blends

    I, too, don't like most aromatics yet would love to have a decent apple blend in my cellar. I've tried many over the years, but the only one I've encountered that even came close to fitting the bill was Santee from Low Country. It's a virginia-based light aromatic that seems to perform best in...
  11. J

    Penzance higher than P$C

    On the one hand, I'm not a huge fan of Penzance. I love a good English or Balkan, but I can think of a half-dozen offhand that I like more than Penzance and even more that I think are as good. But why the befuddlement at the high prices? Some people obviously can't get it cheaper. Bear in...
  12. J

    Two Lakelands Reviewed - One I love & one not so much....

    Well done review! Interestingly, I have the opposite reaction to each of these flakes. I dislike 1792 but consider Ennerdale to be ambrosial. I can't seem to get enough of the "Lakeland essence," although I really don't smoke many aromatics, preferring lots of perique or latakia.
  13. J

    what 10 tobaccos couldn't you live without?

    Old Joe Krantz Filmore Odyssey Fusiliers Ration Maltese Falcon Northwoods Ennerdale Flake Bosun Cut Plug Classic Burley Kake Carter Hall
  14. J

    G&H scented and unscented dark flake?

    Dark Flake is cased as well. All tobaccos are cased as part of the processing required to make them smokeable. That doesn't mean they are FLAVORED -- it usually means just adding sugar water, which adds sweetness but no real flavor. Additional flavors are added later on, and I suppose a second...
  15. J

    G&H scented and unscented dark flake?

    As smoker99 pointed out, "Dark Flake Unscented" is, well, unscented. It's merely cased, as are virtually all tobaccos (including "straight" Vas). It's just that GH apparently cases it with a slightly floral concoction instead of the sugar water used in other VAs, such as GH FVF and others. But...
  16. J

    Holy Crap! jj1015 was right

    Glad you like it, and glad you found the bananas LOL!
  17. J

    Best Aromatic You've Ever Smoked?

    Although I mostly like non-aromatics, there are a handful of aros that I absolutely love, for one reason or another: Classic Burley Kake Autumn Evening Captain Cool Shortcut to Mushrooms I also like several of the Lakelands, especially Ennerdale Flake, Bosun Cut Plug, and Kendal Flake.
  18. J

    3 Oaks or Wilderness? What do you suggest?

    Personally, I like Wilderness more than 3 Oaks Syrian. But, if you're wanting to see what Syrian latakia is all about, I'd recommend 3 Oaks even though I believe that Wilderness is a more complex, more flavorful, and all around nicer blend. 3 Oaks is blended to showcase the Syrian leaf, while...
  19. J

    Peinnington Gap anyone?

    Perique is quite a chameleon, so trying a few different blends might be a good idea. The most basic characteristics of perique will change drastically depending on what it's mixed with and how it's processed. In some blends it has a pepper-like taste, and I tend to avoid those like the plague...
  20. J

    Peinnington Gap anyone?

    Out of curiosity, why would it matter whether the flavor is the perique or the bourbon so long as you like it? :D In any case, I think the perique here is one of the most distinctive uses of that condiment on the market. It completely smoothes the show, I think. I also highly, highly recommend...