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    Dr. Medico ....."Brylon-Pipes".....Total Disaster!

    So, I had no idea what a "Brylon" pipe was, never heard of them, never knew they existed... until I read about them in some old posts on various pipe smokers forums.   I was curious.  Went to eBay, and found a cheapo, estate Brylon.  I bought it, and waited with baited breath for this novelty...
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    Hybrid Blending....Happy Results

    I recently mixed two commercially available, blends together and came up with a mixture that I think, is great.  So I wanted to share my results with other kindred spirits. I called my new hybrid blend: BENEDICTION Wilkes "High Hat" Peter Stokkebye "Luxury Bullseye Flake" Mix equal parts of...
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    DIY Home Blend: "GOLDEN HOURS"

    Posted my cigar-leaf mixture called "PLEASANT MOMENTS". Here's another called: "GOLDEN HOURS" 1 part Lane Ltd. "HGL" 1 part McClelland #2050 Sweet, mild and mellow, easy-to-smoke. Slight amount of Latakia and the Orientals in the McC-#2050 give this mixture added interest, and an exotic...
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    Non-Tobacco Herbal Mixtures....Homemade, or, Store Bought

    Interested in trying some non-tobacco herbal mixtures in my pipe. Old fashioned, Native American recipes, homemade herbal blends, etc. Where can I find some recipes, or, buy these types of herbal blends? Are any recipes for these herbal mixtures posted on this forum? Thanks for any help...
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    Homemade Cigar-Leaf Mixture....Mild and Mellow...L Ltd."HGL"

    My first posting: So, I decided to try mixing up a batch of my own Cigar-Leaf blend. I had some sample packets of various tobaccos which I used. The major component of this blend is Lane Ltd. "HGL" which is nothing more than "Captain Black" with the addition of a small amount of Latakia...
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    Greetings to The Brothers of Briar Members

    First... thank-you for having me as a member. I'm sure that not only will it be enjoyable to read all the postings on various subjects, but that I will also learn many pipe-ish things, here also. Born and "bred" in New York City, and have been smoking my modest briar pipe collection, on and...