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  1. Penguin

    Discolored Stem

    I just bought a pipe with a regular black stem in what looks like some kind of plastic. Because the pipe was sitting on a shelf for God knows how long, the first thing I did was give it a good and gentle cleaning...or so I thought. I dipped a pipe cleaner in the bourbon whiskey I've cleaned my...
  2. Penguin

    Help Penguin Write a Novel

    I considered putting this thread in The Round Table, but since it relates specifically to research for a novel, I thought I might get some better feedback from those interested in literature here. As the title of the thread states, I'm writing a novel. Since I don't have much in the way of...
  3. Penguin

    Lady Pipers

    I lament that, thus far, I have known only one woman who smokes a pipe. I know there are many women pipers out there, and I hope to meet some at the local toby shop private room I joined today. At present, it seems piping is stereotyped as primarily a man's activity, but I wonder if perhaps the...
  4. Penguin

    Non-Nicotine Tobaccos?

    A friend of mine was asking me about whether pipe tobaccos come in varieties without nicotine. I did a search online, but all I could find were "non-tobacco" substances, like herbs that are crushed or shredded and sold as a substitute. I've read a little bit about "high octane" tobaccos with...
  5. Penguin

    Hobbies Besides Pipes and Tobacco

    I'm curious about other hobbies y'all have. I know there's a section on the profile for everyone to list their hobbies, but I thought we might have a more in-depth discussion. Today I'm back to working on my novel after being away from it for a while. I've also been skipping my piano lessons...
  6. Penguin

    Teeth Marks on the Stem

    I've been more gentle with my Rigoletto, but "the mutt" (my first pipe), not so much. It has a rough patch at the top of the stem from where my chompers have been, and I'm wondering if "that's supposed to happen." I know there's not so many rules with pipes as much as guidelines, but I'm...
  7. Penguin

    The Toughest Shoes You've Seen

    I have mentioned before I have a disability. For those who care, it's called spina bifida. To keep it fairly simple, there are varying degrees of severity, and people with my severity of spina bifida are typically confined to a wheelchair. I'm blessed to have about 80% use of my legs, but the...
  8. Penguin

    Strange Flavor in a New Pipe

    I have smoked several bowls in my Rigoletto now, and have noticed a strange "plastic" flavor associated with it. My tobacconist sold me some filters I was not previously familiar with, and I read this morning on the package that it uses activated carbon. I don't know if that is the culprit, but...
  9. Penguin

    Penguin's Pipes and Sundry

    It turns out my phone's camera does work (news to me), though the quality leaves something to be desired. Hopefully I can post better images in the future. On the left, my newest acquisition, a Rigoletto. On the right, my first pipe (of unknown origins).
  10. Penguin

    Mom's Chili Recipe

    Mom passed away in 2013, and my sister recently came across this recipe Mom used for her chili. Given that some of the coldest weather in Colorado comes in February, I'll be making a batch of this soon, and I thought I'd share. Hot chili, cold beer or whiskey, and a quiet pipe just sounds like...
  11. Penguin


    I picked up a Rigoletto in black briar with a black acrylic pot-style stem. The chamber is approximately 1.5" deep, so much deeper than I'm used to, and with a disposable filter instead of metal filter I have in my first pipe. This will be an interesting experience. I also picked up "Black...
  12. Penguin

    Understanding Tobaccos

    I read through this thread and that one, trying to understand the basics of tobaccos. Maybe I'm being a little slow (I do have a learning disability), but I would like a little help. When I go into my local tobacco shop, he has a section for pipe tobaccos in sealed plastic jars. They have names...
  13. Penguin

    An Artistic Idea

    The association between music and color is not new. There have long been debates and discussions about the colors of certain sounds, and some people have a condition in which they perceive sounds in various colors. It's a fascinating subject I can't hope to briefly cover here, so I won't try...
  14. Penguin

    Adding Alcohol to Tobacco

    I like mixing cocktails. I'm no good at it, but I have a few recipes under my belt that I like well enough. Lately I've been curious about taking some tobacco, soaking it in some whiskey, letting it dry, and seeing how it "tastes" (smokes). I was wondering if any of you have any experience with...
  15. Penguin

    3-in-1 Tool

    At the suggestion of my local toby shop owner, I bought a 3-in-1 tool that includes a tamper, a spoon-like wedge, and a thin metal post. The tamper, I understand. The spoon, I have found uses for (cleaning out the bowl, honing the cake on my pipe, etc.). It is the post that confuses me. What is...
  16. Penguin

    Hello from Colorado

    Hello there, all. I'm Rob, or Mr. Penguin, if you prefer. As an aspiring novelist in one of my more pompous moments, I bought the cheapest pipe I liked at the local tobacco shop. It was a $20 pipe with a dark red bowl and black stem, and it sat unused on the shelf through my late twenties. I've...