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  1. Slow Puffs

    Annual Christmas Cheer Toast

    Greetings All, Just opened Christmas Cheer 2006 and wanted to drop by to wish all a well and happy season and merry Christmas and toast you all. In March of 2013, I experienced health problems with heart issues so I've been inactive, but graduallly getting better :) . Damn side affects of...
  2. Slow Puffs

    Peyton Who?

  3. Slow Puffs

    Any Hal O' The Wynd fans?

    I find all of Rattray's blends high class. The "Trinity" of Old Gowrie, Marlin Flake and Hal 'O the Wyn are quite a nice trio to keep on your shelf.
  4. Slow Puffs

    I now feel SOOO much better

    Martin Luther King (birthday today): 'The American Dream' Sermon delivered at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on July 4, 1965. Why it's important: We've heard about King's dream. But just two years later he told an audience that his dream had turned into a nightmare. King's sermon...
  5. Slow Puffs

    Enjoying the Cellar

    I'm at the stage where I am simply enjoying my cellar  :D  I no longer buy a lot of tobacco. Now I can simply look through what I have and open something that triggers a memory or simply looks appealing. It's a wonderful stage to reach. A couple of days ago, I discovered (rediscovered)...
  6. Slow Puffs

    Annual Christmas Cheer Toast to Bob

    Each year as we enter December, I open a tin of Christmas Cheer to toast the BoB. This year the tin is from 2007. If you have a tin of Christmas Cheer opened, join in toasting the BoB. If not, maybe this is a wonderful excuse to crack open a tin from your cellar.
  7. Slow Puffs

    Brady Still Got It

    Hymph... With Brady, it seems NE is still competitive.
  8. Slow Puffs

    Favorite Boubon or U.S. Whiskey?

    Those George Stagg and Rare Eagle 17 are gems. I'm kicking myself for passing up on a hard to find RE17. When I went back for it a day later, it was gone :( . I looked at two bottles last December of George T Stagg but at $200 each up here, I passed on them. I was able to get about 12 bottles...
  9. Slow Puffs

    4 Noggins Prairie Wind

    Prairie Wind is what I would call my "go to blend". I've been smoking it since Rich started offering it. By the way, it came out about the time period when Neil Young released his Prairie Wind album. Rich is a big fan of Neil Young. :D 
  10. Slow Puffs

    Blends on which You Changed Mind

    Latakia blends in general. I used to love a good latakia hit. Now I wonder why there are so many in my cellar? :shock: 
  11. Slow Puffs

    Telegraph Hill Review

    Long-time favorite :D   Today, I am finishing up an 8oz Tin of Telegraph Hill........ but not to worry there a few more tins on my shelf.  Then again, I'm a vapor fan and this one, for me, is on the "A" list
  12. Slow Puffs


    Another belated birthday greetings Mike. :D 
  13. Slow Puffs

    What Are Your Drinking Right Now

    Just a simple Budweiser or so. A warm day.... winter is coming...
  14. Slow Puffs

    MLB a Mess

    My thinking as well. Mind-altering drugs are very different. There are "random tests" in place and my sense is that the more awareness will help. I read where the asterisk * by the players name or even for the "ped era" might happen. But I think a few well-placed life-time bans would help more...
  15. Slow Puffs

    MLB a Mess

    Say it ain't so :shock: 
  16. Slow Puffs

    MLB a Mess

    It likely would help to have a new Commish but the Players Union need to wake up as well. A-Rod gets a suspension and the Union challenges it so he's eligible to play. A-Rod is past his prime. Meanwhile, the NYY are looking forward to the suspension so they can drop his huge salary. Too many...
  17. Slow Puffs

    MLB a Mess

    Why the heck can't the commish get it right with peds? This is a disgrace to sports. I'm a Red Sox fan and even though they are having a respectable year, this PED's thing hangs over Baseball and I can't follow them. Ken Collins (RIP) and JT and I used to have loads of fun posting on our...
  18. Slow Puffs


    Great series. A younger Morris set in the sixties. My wife and I watch it each week. I immediately noticed all the smoking and scotch drinking. Gotta love Thurday and his pipe. There was a nice scene when he went to get his revolver out in the shed. There was a glimpse of his humble pipe rack...
  19. Slow Puffs

    What Are Your Drinking Right Now

    Interesting... I had the same thing yesterday.
  20. Slow Puffs

    Ralph Stanley

    Here's another: Don Rigsby has a recent tribute "Doctor's In" song that is pretty neat and fun. :D