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  1. Zeno Marx


    Thanks for the additional information. It's a Netgear Nighthawk RAX38. To add to the fun, last night, it stopped working. Working, and then not working. I tried power cycling the modem and the router. Unplugged for 20 minutes. Unplug/plug cords. You name it. I tried the old router, and...
  2. Zeno Marx


    I haven't installed a new router in a while. The last time, I didn't need a phone. Remember when they used to give you a driver or software on a CD? Now, you have to download everything, and in this case, you couldn't use a PC or laptop to set up the router. The "app" wasn't compatible with...
  3. Zeno Marx

    appreciating nice pipes

    I hope someone on here got this one. Never heard of the maker, but they nailed the birdseye on this one. I thought about it, but then I forgot about it.
  4. Zeno Marx

    Very Sad Today

    I would take it as a blessing that you can be sad about this, because the people working directly with dementia aren't usually afforded the softer, compassionate feelings. It quickly goes from compassion or sadness to frustration and can easily escalate into anger. Doesn't really matter if the...
  5. Zeno Marx

    5.9% Raise

    I think we're spoiled, and it is one of the reasons the rest of the world shakes its head at us. What are gas prices in Europe? I believe around $7/g, and in Japan, $5.30/g. I know someone who just bought a new truck for $60K and is bitching about gas, but they get like 15-18MPG in town...
  6. Zeno Marx

    FOR SALE! RDPipes Blasted Elephants Foot w/Tusk Tamper (10/14/21)

    When I was a kid, my parents dragged me to some distant relative's house. They were super rich, and he liked to go on hunts in Africa. They had little stools made out of elephant feet. Fine leather with ornate brass tacks all around the top. I know nobody ever sat on those things. Your goal...
  7. Zeno Marx

    Jon Gruden

    Post-9/11 + post-internet, the idea of privacy is far different than the old definition. I doubt Millennials even rank privacy on the top 250 concerns. They don't even know what it really means. Their entire lives are overshared, collected, shared, and sold. I don't say that with cynicism...
  8. Zeno Marx

    Jon Gruden

    I haven't read the emails. Does anyone even need to read them to know the kind of language he used and the beliefs he shared? I only know the guy from his famous scowl and a few broadcasts. What I'd like to know is this: what do people expect from the type of people who play brutal physical...
  9. Zeno Marx

    Bengal Slices

    Park-Lane Bengal slices is the best of the remakes I've had, but I'm not sure if it is available anymore. They still don't have a webstore. I wasn't very impressed with the P&C. They were on the road to getting it right, but it's as if it is a light version. Not as robust and full-flavored...
  10. Zeno Marx

    Humans used tobacco 12,300 years ago, new discovery suggests

    I thought they smoked it in both ceremony and smoke cleanses. Are there not pipes of various stones thousands of years old in museums?
  11. Zeno Marx

    Transportation case

    Love hacks like this. I've owned a couple traditional leather pipe bags, and I didn't care for them. A shaving (Dopp) kit bag works just as well. I'd use something like this. The folks over in the wet shaving world are always busy retrofitting containers with 3-D printed inserts and making...
  12. Zeno Marx

    New Master and Commander in the offing?

    Great movie. Just watched it in September for like the tenth time. I find it relaxing and can fall asleep to it easily.
  13. Zeno Marx

    things that don't make sense

    for anything that doesn't make sense... Why is the plastic on cookies tougher, more puncture resistant, and heavier gauge than most garbage bags? I just got back from Aldi with their knock-off chewy chocolate chip cookies, and that plastic is tough as nails. You could put pounds of broken...
  14. Zeno Marx

    pipes you'd like to see, or see more of A GBD of similar shape.
  15. Zeno Marx

    CBD oil cor dogs

    I know a couple people who use CBD for anxiety and for helping them sleep. They say it helps. Whether it's nothing more than a mind game and placebo, I don't think it really long as it isn't doing harm in the long term. I also know a couple people who give their dogs CBD when...
  16. Zeno Marx

    cracked shank repair techniques

    I always use a rubberband when clamping round or oval shapes. The ones that used to come on broccoli are fantastic. You aren't getting anything into this hairline crack with fingertip pressure.
  17. Zeno Marx

    cracked shank repair techniques

    Has anyone ever tried pushing the needle of a fine syringe into a crack and squirting Elmer's into the crack, then clamping it? I'm thinking from the unseen part of the shank where it butts against the stem. Or pushing a sewing needle into the crack, like making a pilot hole, and then pumping...
  18. Zeno Marx

    Polishing and Buffing

    RE: estate pipes with lucite stems. Do you folks sand down and fully refurbish your estate lucite stems? Unless a notable scratch or tooth mark, I don't understand why someone would run a lucite stem through a sanding, buffing, etc. I'm more of an Italian pipe type, so I've had maybe 100-150...
  19. Zeno Marx

    It's A Great Time To Be A Skilled Tradesman

    PBS Newshour has been doing an interesting series on the trades. Covering several angles. Shortage. Incentives. College graduates changing direction and going into the trades. Racism and sexism. An older couple across the street needed a Moen cartridge replaced in their bathroom. Got a...
  20. Zeno Marx

    when you get a wild hair...

    Definitely impulsive, which I am absolutely not when it comes to buying things. And that is great advice. Sit on it 24 hours. It probably won't matter by then. That goes for just about everything, especially stressors, in life.