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    Smoker's Haven

    Who made Smoker's Haven's 20th anniversary. Can't find it anywhere.
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    At 3:50 its 92 feels like 97. No wonder I'm so hot out on the deck. Not a single breeze stirring. It's pounding hot. My two outdoor cats are hiding in a shady spot. I'm trying to smoke a bowl and drink some tea. It's work. Hope your weather is better.
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    Arly Curtz

    Anyone else have an Arly Curtz pipe? I have one. Its a bent Billiard, not the greatest grain, but well carved and a heck of a nice smoker.
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    Rolando Negoita dead?

    Just saw it on another forum. Anyone have any info?
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    Brainfart, can't remember the name of the oil used as an air freshener for pipers.

    I know I had some of it and it was quite successful at clearing the air.
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    Two favorites

    Here's two pipes I get a lot of pleasure out of. They are two of my late night out on the porch pipes. The bottom pipe is "Curwen," a Downie made pipe. Named after an H.P. Lovecraft character. I got it from Cliff Melick in '09. Cool looking pipe and a great smoke. A few years ago I got the urge...
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    March 1st weather?

    It's 40 here today. I'm getting ready to go out on the backporch and have a bowl with coffee and a book. Wish it were a bit warmer, but you gotta work with what ya got.
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    Lane Limited's "Andullo."

    I'm not a big Lane fan, but just for funnsies, I picked up this tin. This is a pretty darn pleasant smoke! It's fermented cigar leaf, some black cavendish and some Latakia. I have really enjoyed this blend. Lights easily, smoke down to the bottom of the bowl leaving a nice white ash, people tell...
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    65 degrees on Feb 18th?

    Sat out on the deck all afternoon with a pipe, a book, and a lap full of a t-shirt.
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    My Zippo hates me.

    I have 4 Zippos. One has always been a spare. I use my SF and my 1982 solid brass. The 4th is also a spare. Number 4 lost its "hat" some time ago. Recently my brass lost its hat. So, I switched out from the spare to the brass. Turns out this insert is brass, it may well be the original for the...
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    Well, this has been a year of rehabbing.

    Had a "hernia" surgery May 31st. Turned out the whole wall had collapsed. Instead of being in me 30 minutes it was an hour and a half. Two months recovery, followed by shingles, 6 weeks recovery. I go in Monday for a rotator cuff tear. That shoots 2016 and some of 2017. Not a good year.
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    Broken Pipe

    For those who have not heard, Tony Soderman, "Mr. Can" on Ebay, Has passed.
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    "Stem work?"

    I just got two nice Ruthenbergs in. They were both dirty as heck (filthy) and one has a broken tenon, the other a bite through. The broken tenon will head out to Mark Tinsky's the first of the week. The bite through I will try to a temporary fix. It will probably end up going to...
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    Brian Ruthenberg?

    Since I just got that nice pipe made by Brian, I was wondering, has anyone heard from him? I know he shut down his website and no one seems to have been in contact. Anyone?
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    New, to me, Irish Whiskey

    If you are a fan of Irish Whiskey, you have to try Writer's Tears. It has shot to the top of my list of the Irish style. I'm usually a Bushmill's, Black Bush, Bushmill's Single Malt (from cheap to most expensive, and best). but Writer's Tears is better. Try it!
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    Sad day for country music:

    Another legend gone. RIP Merle Haggard.
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    Another review: Newminster 400 and Sutliffe slices

    I should note this is my second order of both. I've done three orders this year. Sutliffe was on the 1st and 3rd, while Newminster was on the 2nd and 3rd. It appears a $100 order lasts me about 6 months. That's 9 or 10 tobaccos on each order. Onward. Newminster 400 Superior Navy Flake: I really...
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    Got my Pipes and Cigars order, Tuesday...

    2 oz. Sutliffe Virginia Slices--new to me 2 oz, tin, C&D Burley Flake #2--new to me 2 oz, tin, Pease's Virginia Cream--new to everyone 2 oz, H&H Burley Kake 2 oz, McC 2015, been awhile, but I used to like it 2 oz, McC 2035 1 tin, MacBarren HH Pure Virginia 6 oz, Newminster400, Superior Navy...
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    After getting beat up on my last 5 attempts, I won one today

    Ebay has been killing me. I followed a couple of Kirk Bosi pipes, got beat. Another one came up last week. I followed it all week. Put in my snipe today...and waited. The last few pipes I've bid on someone came along and shot me. This pipe closed a little bit ago and I won it! What's really nice...
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    I know Blue Ribands are all the rage...but,

    I thought this was over the top!