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  1. Mikem

    New pipe rack

    Very nice. I quick question, what did you use to cut the grooves in the base that holds the bowls?
  2. Mikem

    Christmas time!

    Nice. I like the Peterson Christmas pipe shapes this year. Congratulations on a great buy.
  3. Mikem

    Thoughts while piping . . .

    I will usually smoke a bowl after eating a bowl of cereal and while drinking my morning coffee. Morning thoughts are usually on what is in store for me during the day. The bowls during the day are usually just for relaxation with nothing specific on my mind.
  4. Mikem

    Value tobaccos..??? are they really for pipes?

    I would say most of them are for/cut for the roll your own cigarette market to get around the rules. I know I made my wife start rolling her own. I was buying a one pound bag of "mild/mellow pipe tobacco" for around $18. I'm sure there are some of those value "blends" make good every day pipe...
  5. Mikem


    Prior to retiring I collected WW1 and WW2 bolt action rifles (mainly British Enfields; No 1's, 2's and 5's). At one time I pretty much had an Enfield from every factory to inlude Canada, India, the US, Australia, New Zealand and all the British factories. I even scored one of the last No4Mk2...
  6. Mikem

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    An unknown English (blend that for some reason I didn't label the bulk jar I put it in) in a Jobert olive wood poker.
  7. Mikem

    Pipe Nostalgia?

    I'm finding myself more and more going back to some of my original pipes that I purchased when I started this wonderful hobby some thirty plus years ago since being quarantined due to this Covid-19 pandemic. Has anyone else found themselves going back to some of their older pipes. I'm guessing...
  8. Mikem

    Mini-pipe vs. Half bowls

    To me one of the unsung heroes for mini-pipes is the old white clay tavern pipes.
  9. Mikem

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Pipes and Cigars Elizabethan mixture match in my Mike Brissett Poker Churchwarden. I really miss Mike and the great pipes he created.
  10. Mikem

    About done with this one

    Here is a couple of cobs that I've made/modified. I made a matching tamper for the middle pipe.
  11. Mikem

    Peterson/Dunhill blends

    Thanks for the info DrT999. Makes me want to try the Peterson remakes even more.
  12. Mikem

    Peterson Dublin Edition silver color band

    I agree with Carlos on giving the inside of the bowl with a light sanding. I never figured out why Peterson stains the inside of their newer pipe bowls unless they dip stain the briar for ease of manufacture. Some of my older Peterson's were not stained on the inside of the bowl.
  13. Mikem

    great grandfather's pipe

    I know that Comoys made some pipes in Italy. I have a Lorenzo Elba 8687 that is rusticated. I also have a Comoys Tintoretto 8687 that is the same shape but smooth. It has a C on the stem. It says styled by Lorenzo. Both pipes are probably at least twenty years old.
  14. Mikem

    Peterson/Dunhill blends

    From what is being said I will get a couple of tins of the Peterson's to compare with the tins of Dunhills and Pipes and Cigars bulk I have. I will let you know my "opinion" when done. Thanks Gentlemen for your opinions.
  15. Mikem

    Peterson/Dunhill blends

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the Peterson remakes of the Dunhill blends. I am partial to the old Elizabethan Dunhill blend. I have tried Pipes and Cigars match blend which IMHO isn't bad. But I am curious if the Peterson blends are the same as the Dunhill blends?
  16. Mikem

    Pipe advice

    I have two pipes and paid in the$130 range. They are both good smokers. $200 seems high to me, especially since the pipe is used.
  17. Mikem

    How was your weather today?

    43 degrees and raining here in Sullivan Indiana.
  18. Mikem

    Help identify pipe maker logo

    From what I can find Cats Paw Pipes were carved by Bill and Terri Weist out of Canada. They use to have a site: catspawpipes.com but it doesn't look active anymore. From what I could learn they use to go to the Chicago Pipe show and ran in the two to three hundred dollar range.
  19. Mikem

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Sitting outside by the campfire smoking another bowl of Hearth and Home Larry's blend in the same 2005 Morelli Lovit and enjoying the weather and some spiced rum on ice.
  20. Mikem

    Your latest order from Mr. Snuff, Toque, Rosinski, etc.

    Question for the group? I enjoy using snuff on occasion and would order from Mars Cigars. I believe it was Wilson's. I was under the impression that you could no longer order snuff (real snuff) and have it shipped to you. Supposedly to "protect the children". Can you order over the internet and...