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  1. AlphaWarrior

    Dark Flake Scented:disaster averted, BoB assistance deployed

    Looking for Dark Flake Scented or similar, almost out and am freaking out a little.
  2. AlphaWarrior

    6 Photo No. 666 review

    I received a small container of the 666 from Jim. Because I have Coffee Kick and Kailash, I knew I couldn't lose. The tin aroma on first opening was strong camphor with a spicy Indian background note. After a week of use I only smell camphor on the tin note. If I snuff it off my hand, I get a...
  3. AlphaWarrior

    Happy Birthday AlphaWarrior!

    Huzzah, amigos locos! Some Stonehaven and Dunhill Mixture 10 for me in a homemade Cherry freehand with wisteria extension. Drink is Jack and bergs, Jiminks!
  4. AlphaWarrior

    PCS move

    Bob, The Mrs. and I are neck deep in a do it yourself move to South Carolina from Tennessee.  I will be going to a new job at Eisenhower Medical Center near Augusta. We are so pleased to have bought a beautiful home near Aiken. Bob are welcome to come and stay with us if you are in the area or...
  5. AlphaWarrior

    Rolondo Negoita

    Text copied from Folks, unlike most of my drivel, here is some very important news, which I should have known but only just found out about: Rolando Negoita had a serious brain tumor, was operated on and will be under- going chemo and radiation therapy. Pipe makers...
  6. AlphaWarrior

    Sleepy Hollow x Gawith Brown Irish Twist

    I've been mixing Straus' Sleepy Hollow with Brown Irish X(cut small), 50/50, with no lid on for a few days. Starts with the aroma of Sleepy Hollow and the nic hit of the Brown. Mid bowl the SH fades a bit and the Brown's cigar leaf taste starts to rise. Finishes this way with SH waning. The...
  7. AlphaWarrior

    Bartella Pipe Club

    Brothers and Sisters, I thought y'all might like this pic of myself and two buddies smoking some Sleepy Hollow outside on the porch in Bartella, Iraq. God bless you as we celebrate birth of Jesus. This is poignant as Bartella is a Christian village almost completely destroyed by IS. The...
  8. AlphaWarrior

    Choo chooing in the desert.

    Deployed somewhere in the middle east with my Stanwell shape 186 and my Brandon Brooks big leg Emma poker. Dark Star, Stonehaven, Brebbia No. 9 keeping me company. It's been very Autumn like here, surprisingly. Cool and breezy in the evening with a huge sky to contemplate. It's so dry here even...
  9. AlphaWarrior

    Help with identifying this pipe Yuki Tokutomi is smoking...

    Salutations BOB, I was wondering if any brothers or sister have any information about the pipe seen in this picture? Shape name or maker would be quite helpful. I would really like to have one like it! Awaiting commands from the tower, Matt
  10. AlphaWarrior

    Big Deal

    Sold our house in NC today, well it's under contract. It was on the market for two days and the realtor stopped counting the offers. You have no idea how much my wife and I needed this good thing to happen. Sometimes when you just can't take anymore bad news, something good happens, and you...
  11. AlphaWarrior

    Who Made That Pipe & Custombilt books

    BoB, I am seeking guidance on adding these two books to my collection. I emailed a gent at NASPC to ask about the history of Custombilt book, and there is a gent on Ebay selling copies of Who Made That Pipe for 39.99. I wanted to consult with you all about this matter, as it seems likely that...
  12. AlphaWarrior

    Started my cellar!

    Jarred up some Stokkebye Amsterdam and Norwegian according to Russ' technique and started my log at Fun! Gobble gobble! Matt
  13. AlphaWarrior

    Radice Interview

    Brothers of Briar, Wanted to share this interview Olie Sylvester did with the Radice family. It's very good. Matt
  14. AlphaWarrior

    ID This Pipe?

    Does anyone recognize this shady character (pun intended)?
  15. AlphaWarrior

    Caminetto Cherrywood

    I'm away from the hacienda right now, but my wife took these and uploaded them for me.
  16. AlphaWarrior

    Sheffield Steel Redux

    For my first post, I'd like to share with you all a Frederick Reynolds "Prince Albert's Royal Razor" that I rescaled in honey colored ox horn with brass domed washers at the base. I honed the full wedge by setting the bevel on a Norton Fine India Oilstone, and finished it on a Charnley Forest...
  17. AlphaWarrior

    New to BoB

    Wanted to say hello and that I enjoy the pipe history I am finding here. My wife and I buy and sell vintage and antique clothing & items. I am practicing the craft of restoring estate pipes in addition to restoring straight razors. We are fascinated by the design and elegance of the good old...