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  1. DGErwin11


    It's quite entertaining for some of us. When we owned a tavern my wife and I got hooked on pinball. But the end of the tavern was the end of our pinball days. Or so we thought. As her disease increasingly limited her physical activities, I searched for something she could do and enjoy. I...
  2. DGErwin11

    Not hiding

    Many of you know me from a competing forum, and I have no desire to hide my identity. Not sure how much time I'll be able to be here. But it will be nice to not have to be as restrained as I do over there. Though I am not a pudding stirrer by any means. Pass the Carter Hall and a cob.
  3. DGErwin11

    Cord Cutting, the Final Step

    8 years ago I cancelled my satellite service and cable is not an option where I live. I relied on HuluPlus, NetFlix, and Amazon Prime for my serious TV addiction. But I was soon blowing past my 150 Gig limit on ATT DSL and paying overage fees every month. I finally got serious about setting up...
  4. DGErwin11

    Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)

    2 years go I looked into getting my internet from an outfit near here that distributed it wirelessly, rather than run wire into your house. At that time it was cost prohibitive, Around $200/month for the bandwidth I use with Hutu and NetFlix. But they now have an "Unlimited" plan. The first 150...
  5. DGErwin11

    FrankenFalcon or FalconStein

    The bowl that came with my Falcon is too dang small. I fixed that. Chamber is 7/8'' X 1 3/4''.
  6. DGErwin11

    Forever Stems

    I got a newsletter from Walker Briar Works today. By the end of the month, the 25th I believe, they will be out of the Forever Stem business. Pat Morgan, wive of Phil Morgan of Missouri Meerschaum will be taking that over under the name of Log Cabin Pipe Works. Dave Wolff will devote his time...
  7. DGErwin11

    Ripped From The Headlines Coffee Edition

    This old Maxwell House drinker thinks this is hipster drivel.
  8. DGErwin11

    NFS DGE Panel Billiard Nosewarmer

    I had a custom request for a panel nosewarmer. This is 4 3/4'' long and weighs 1.4 oz
  9. DGErwin11

    If I Was King of The Pipe World

    ...all tenons would be funneled for a smoother smoke path.
  10. DGErwin11

    Alexander Zavvos -- RIP

    I saw elsewhere this man has died. While I never have smoked any of his pipes, I have bought a bunch of  his briar. Search on FaceBook if this link does not work.
  11. DGErwin11

    H&H Mid Town Sweet Cask

    This country boy ain't got all that sophisticated nuance thing going on, so I'll just say what I think of this blend. When I opened the tub, the aroma was almost nonexistent. The tobacco seemed rather on the dry side. The cut is closer to CBK than Carter Hall (My only frames of reference)...
  12. DGErwin11


    This is where my pipes are created and born. It replaced this <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="//"></iframe>
  13. DGErwin11

    Kaywoodie Drinkless System, RIP?

    According to WV Smoke Shop, KW will be discontinuing stingers in favor of a push stem. Personally, I think this is great. I currently own 2 KW's, a Saxon and a POY from another forum. Both have push stems and both deliver superb smokes. My Dad, before he quit smoking, only smoked KW's with the...
  14. DGErwin11

    Semi Retirement

    I have just submitted my application for SS benefits. Between that and my IRA, I can almost make it. So I will be freelancing helping other route guys. And ramping up my custom cob business. Sometime early to mid October is when the alarm clock gets turned off. :D
  15. DGErwin11


    Has anyone tried the SodaStream Home Soda Maker system? I just got one today and am enjoying a nice glass of ginger ale. Next up either root beer or a diet cola. I think it will be a pretty neat gizmo to have. :)
  16. DGErwin11

    Carter Hall

    Carter Hall in an IMP meer. I am not a total cobber. :D
  17. DGErwin11

    Hello from Central GA

    I am a refugee from the flat lands of Northern NY, now happily ensconced in the middle of nowhere in Georgia. I seem to recognize a few folks here. For those who don't know me, I am a confirmed cobber with a love of Carter Hall. I also dabble in modifying cobs into great smoking vehicles.
  18. DGErwin11

    Hello from Central GA

    Just found this site. Will be adding more info to profile soon. Cobs, meers and OTC's float my boat,