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  1. raf66

    New Pipes Pickups

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce my new pipes, two of which I picked up yesterday at the NASPC Pipe Show in Columbus, OH and another I picked up at recently from the owner at Pipes & Pleasure in Columbus (S&R Pipes). All 3 smoke wonderfully and I'm happy to make them part of my small...
  2. raf66

    Thompson Pipes?

    I was wondering if any of you fine folks could help me identify two estate pipes I just purchased. The word Thompson is engraved in cursive in their shanks. I can't find anything else to identify them. Can someone help find out more about them? Thank you.
  3. raf66

    Best storage/cellaring tips

    Good morning. I'm trying to build up a modest "cellar" of my fave selections and I've learned a great deal by reading peoples' posts and looking at the cellar pics. Wow, many of you have a better selection than most if not all B&Ms in my city. Anyway, my question is really more of a technique...
  4. raf66

    Patience is indeed a virtue

    Good morning everyone. I just place an online tobacco order with and the waiting is hard. I guess patience is not one of my strong points. Maybe it will help me to talk my order out with fellow briar lovers. Ok, I ordered McClelland's Frog Morton, AC Peterson's Escudo Navy...
  5. raf66


    Hi all. My name is Rob and I hale from Columbus, Ohio. I've been smoking pipes off and on for nearly 20 years. I enjoy VAPer blends such as Escudo Navy De Luxe and and Rattray's Hal O' The Wynd, and have a modest supply of probably 10 pipes that I rotate regularly. None of my pipes are what...