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  1. alfredo_buscatti

    What are you smokin'?

    What is a PLPC?
  2. alfredo_buscatti


    I'm in awe of the tower; filled with quality cigars it's one expensive, and downright beautiful!
  3. alfredo_buscatti

    Corona Pipe Master

    Matches are fine for pipes, but I did think I'd get a cigar torch along about now. But the only place I miss my torch is lighting a cigar. But I've been drawing to a match in doing this, and it's fairly easy; touchups are also fine with a match. I may just turn into a total match kind of guy;)...
  4. alfredo_buscatti


    Welcome back!
  5. alfredo_buscatti

    The Cost of Pipe Tobacco and Cigars

    Briarspirit, it sounds like you have smoked very cheap cigars. But a good cigar, according to me:), is not only well-blended but also well-aged. The Don Pepin Original is both, but better tobacco is to be had in the recent geographically released Montecristo New York and Chicago, in Oliva Master...
  6. alfredo_buscatti

    Free Punch from the Montecristo Social Club

    If you go here: and sign-up, they send you the widest punch that I've seen, 4 or 5 mm. The Club itself seems pretty useless, however, and elitist.
  7. alfredo_buscatti

    The Cost of Pipe Tobacco and Cigars

    Imagine the labor involved turning a pile of tobacco 10 L X 10 D X 6 H (made up these dimensions) 10 - 12 times. From what I've read the pilone managers develop a kind of sixth sense to let them know when to do this; if they wait too long the core of the pilone literally turns to goo as it is...
  8. alfredo_buscatti

    The Cost of Pipe Tobacco and Cigars

    from "Fermentation – the act of releasing ammonia from tobacco leaves using moisture and extreme temperatures. To ferment tobacco, the leaves are stacked 4 to 6 feet high in pilones (piles), moistened, and then allowed to rise in temperature. Temperature is the most important part of...
  9. alfredo_buscatti

    The Cost of Pipe Tobacco and Cigars

    A pipe is just as savory as a cigar, and cigars are overpriced; that's a fact of life. All I know is that I love cigars, too, and if I can't smoke a good one once a week I don't like it.
  10. alfredo_buscatti

    smokingpipes New Pipes

    I've been watching Maignurs Knets work on sp and Quality Briar, and though his pipes don't ring quite true for me, it's still breathtaking, sculptural carving. It is said that he does takes on classical designs and Art Nouveau, which for me would be his shapes which are different than anything I...
  11. alfredo_buscatti

    smokingpipes New Pipes

    One of the things that sp does well is to provide a launching area for so many artisan pipe makers. Everytime I go there there are about three new names, and the work is always high-end. They have the capital to invest in buying pipes, and they present them with a mastery no other site has. It's...
  12. alfredo_buscatti

    The Cost of Pipe Tobacco and Cigars

    There's a fine documentary, about hour-long, on Cuban cigars. It looks old, but it was educative to the extent that I finally got an idea of why cigars are so expensive. In a word, the tobacco cultivation, even before curing/storing/aging, takes a lot of work. In an acre field there might be 50...
  13. alfredo_buscatti

    Morta Devil Anse

    Very nice attention to details; the whole thing hangs together.
  14. alfredo_buscatti

    The Oatmeal: How Different Age Groups Celebrate Christmas

    Truth behind the humor, and very funny!
  15. alfredo_buscatti

    Crafty #7

    You had small and you made small; and you did it so well; love the alignment of grain to shape.
  16. alfredo_buscatti

    Non-alcoholic cleaner for internals of the pipe

    Guys, thanks for the discussion; I've a number of options, now.
  17. alfredo_buscatti

    Charatan 109 Special Bulldog

    Al, in my eyes you are an estimable collector. By your dedication you get pipe after classic pipe that's important to you for a sum that doesn't break the bank. As an observer, it's fun to watch, and I have a kinship with your collection, as if in some undefined way I benefit from it along with...
  18. alfredo_buscatti

    What are you smokin'?

    D&B, you go it going on! Pipe and snuff master and cigar aficionado. I can't keep up. If I snorted tobacco powder up my nose, they'd clock my sneezes at 50 mph:).
  19. alfredo_buscatti

    Charatan 109 Special Bulldog

    It looks like it has serrated, parallel lines on the bottom of the shank? If so I've never seen that before. Great catch. How long do you feel you'll go on taking down every classic Brit pipe out there? How big is your collection? Do you smoke all of them?
  20. alfredo_buscatti

    opening tins

    When I sold all my pipe stuff ~2 years ago I had about 100 8 oz jars filled with tins that I hadn't finished. I had forgotten about some of them. Others made me think, good stuff; then why hadn't I finished it? Tobacco is cheap, and we have a number of skilled blenders that keep issuing new...