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  1. Fatman

    Celebration of Life

    This is Lisa's John's wife. There will be a Celebration of Life for John on December 28th from 2:00 -5:00 pm at the Stone Brewery World Bistro and Gardens in Escondido, CA. If you are able to attend please RSVP to me (so that I can make sure we have enough room), via this thread!
  2. Fatman

    Brief update

    I had another MRI today. My tumor has grown from .9cm to 4cm since it was discovered Aug 14th. There is some positive news, there is no midline shift, and very subtle mass effect. I have an appointment with the Neurosurgeon on Monday, and hope for surgery in the near future! So basically it...
  3. Fatman

    Update and stuff

    Hey gang, I should be getting some boxes out in the mail tomorrow, for some of the people I have contacted about tobacco. Having some things to do seems to help a bit, and I apologize for the delay. I have a couple of cardiology appointments in the morning, and plan on dropping by neurology and...
  4. Fatman

    Askwith Kake

    Hey all, with GQ Tobaccos no longer producing this blend, I was curious if anyone had tried it and their impression. I may, or may not, have a fair amount.
  5. Fatman

    Plans for my tobacco

    Hey Gang! Seeing as I am going to be a bit preoccupied in the near future, health concerns, divorce, and selling my house, I have decided I am going to be bubble wrapping my jars, put them in flat rate boxes and send them to people. So, if I PM you and ask for your address, please just give it...
  6. Fatman

    Fun, fun fun!

    As I alluded in the Trading Post forum, I am no longer going to be consuming tobacco, in any forms. I had a bit of a scare today, I thought I was having a stroke, while at work. It was a Transient Ischemic Attack (AKA mini stroke) and during the work up, the MRI showed a lesion in the left side...
  7. Fatman


    Just so happened that Cabela's was open on the 4th of July, and me being the patriotic sort I decided to buy a firearm! Why? Well, because "Murica! So anyhoo, I picked up a Kimber Ultra Carry II in .45acp. Now I just need to get off my butt and go shooting. I have more than a few that I have...
  8. Fatman

    As the world churns...

    Howdy folks! Just a little update on the mysterious doings of the Fatman. I have made noise about trying to leave Alaska for a while now, and It may finally happen. I have a telephone interview this upcoming Friday, for a MRI position, in Twin Falls Idaho. It is about 45 mins away from my oldest...
  9. Fatman

    Y.I. Otter!

    Hurmph, some scallywag sent a bomb up North! Dabgummit. It contained a nice baggie of straight Syrian Latakia!! Holy guacamole! I do not deserve that! It also contained a sweet little tamper made of deer antler, some pipe cleaners, GL ease Suspense, Dunhill Royal yacht, and some C&D Bayou...
  10. Fatman

    Pipe and Leaf Sam Gawith sale

    250 gram packages of some goodies for 25.88 a package!
  11. Fatman

    Met another pipe smoker up here!

    It is always neat to meet another pipe brother. I had a patient come into the department looking for some info, and I could small the awesome aroma of tobacco on him, so I asked what he smoked. He is an OTC cherry blend smoker, so when He arrives for his appointment tomorrow I am going to...
  12. Fatman

    An amazing honor!

    One of my Santa gigs this year, was the Staff party for the school where SWMBO works. I passed out presents and did the picture ting. The picture I took with the Principal's infant daughter was such, that she used it for her family's annual Christmas card! How neat is that? With no further...
  13. Fatman

    Getting ready for the season!

    Getting the beard ready for the Santa gigs this month, and sporting a nifty bow-fro!
  14. Fatman

    R.I.P. Fatman (10-26-1962) to (10-11-2016)

    He was a jolly sort, full of life and giving. Little did he know that his untimely demise was sooner then he thought. Upon arriving home from a long day of flipping protons, he discovered a box on the doorstep. Being the unsuspecting sort, he took to inspecting it, there was no return address...
  15. Fatman

    Crazy good luck!

    So, like a lot of others I like to peruse thrift stores. I haven't had the good fortune to find any nice pipes. Back in early July I found a real gem in the rough. It is a 70s vintage Zodiac Super Sea Wolf manual chronograph. I paid a grand sum of $7.99 and just got it back from the shop. The...
  16. Fatman

    Esoterica at Blackcat Cigars

    A lot of goodies in stock dunbar, dorchester, and tilbury, to name a few Edited to fix autocorrect
  17. Fatman

    Why did the bear cross the road?

    This is right outside town, and would have been pretty neat to see.
  18. Fatman

    RIP The Greatest

    2016 has taken another great man, Muhammad Ali.
  19. Fatman

    An experiment, and would like to solicit advice.

    Hey gang. I have 2 bags of Esoterica's Brighton. I really like Dorchester and Dunbar. seeing as they are scarce these days, I purchased 8oz of blending perique and am going to combine them. I do like a fairly perique heavy va/per, like GQ Tobacco's Askwith kake. My plans would have basically a...
  20. Fatman

    The Last Frontier

    One of the upsides of living in Anchorage is that you're only a short drive away from Alaska. Took the dog for a short jaunt, about a 5 min drive from the house and I took a couple of pictures of trail signs, for the enjoyment of my non Alaskan friends. So, when the salmon are on their...