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  1. alfredo_buscatti

    Free Punch from the Montecristo Social Club

    If you go here: and sign-up, they send you the widest punch that I've seen, 4 or 5 mm. The Club itself seems pretty useless, however, and elitist.
  2. alfredo_buscatti

    smokingpipes New Pipes

    One of the things that sp does well is to provide a launching area for so many artisan pipe makers. Everytime I go there there are about three new names, and the work is always high-end. They have the capital to invest in buying pipes, and they present them with a mastery no other site has. It's...
  3. alfredo_buscatti

    The Cost of Pipe Tobacco and Cigars

    There's a fine documentary, about hour-long, on Cuban cigars. It looks old, but it was educative to the extent that I finally got an idea of why cigars are so expensive. In a word, the tobacco cultivation, even before curing/storing/aging, takes a lot of work. In an acre field there might be 50...
  4. alfredo_buscatti

    Non-alcoholic cleaner for internals of the pipe

    So do you know of one?
  5. alfredo_buscatti

    Liking Latakia

    I liked latakia for only the first year or two of pipe smoking; then I decided I didn't like it and only smoked it sporadically over the years. This year I decided to smoke it with an open mind; to my delight I find I like it again. My tobacco choices regarding latakia were defined by an idea I...
  6. alfredo_buscatti

    An Unabashed Plug for Todd Harris

    Todd made me a Dublin with saddle stem last winter, and the more I smoke it the more I am in love with it. His small fee is small compensation for its quality; he could get three times the amount charged. 1) It's a smooth with good flame grain. The finish is maroon, which he produced by mixing...
  7. alfredo_buscatti

    Two "Natural" HOs

    I find Peterson Irish Flake and GH Kendal KY remarkably similar in taste, with very little or no topping; just the tobacco. Kenday KY burns very quickly due to the crossover cigarette/pipe tobacco cut while Irish Flake burns very slowly. I'm smoking some IF now and the bowl should clock out at...
  8. alfredo_buscatti

    What Happened to Dutch

    I haven't seen any of his posts for a couple of months now. Does anyone know where he went?
  9. alfredo_buscatti

    More thinking on counterfeits

    Unless I am trained in counterfeit detection, how can I feel confident in the goods unless I apply that training to what I buy? There are estimated to be many counterfeits on the market. I think confidence in a retailer must be earned by myself each time I buy and inspect the product. My...
  10. alfredo_buscatti

    Bad Cuts

    Don't you hate it when you're not paying attention and cut the cap too deeply, resulting in having to coddle, throughout the smoke, that part of the wrapper that unravels? I don't do it often but when I do. . .in the end I feel fortunate when I get to smoke the whole cigar after having done this.
  11. alfredo_buscatti

    Cello Tip

    The general opinion is to keep it in place to protect the wrapper but due to humidity concerns, cut off the cello foot.
  12. alfredo_buscatti

    A Pipe Opportunist

    When I resumed tobacco I wondered how I was possibly going to buy all those pipes. I had had 70. I've become an opportunist. Sav Autograph - $69.00 Barontelli smooth - $60.00 Caminetto Madur - $50.00 Edwards smooth - $25.00 Kirsten -           -  $25.00 Cavicchi           -   $25.00 Jobey    ...
  13. alfredo_buscatti

    Ready to Roll, Cautiously!

    I just lit a Pepin Blue Churchill from my new humidor, which I humidify by a bead cylinder, which is working great, and my new calibrated hygrometer is registering 62 degrees; cut with my new Palio guillotine. At one point I had two Savoy 300s and a 75, full of $10 cigars. This broke me. Since...
  14. alfredo_buscatti


    hedgehog on Tobacco Reviews says: Now I've been to two church socials and a county fair, but I have never encountered a tobacco like Gaslight. When I lit up my first bowl, I wondered whether someone hadn't been storing potpourri in my meerschaum earlier in the week. That's how intensely...
  15. alfredo_buscatti

    "The Evil Dead" and "Evil Dead"

    Just wanted to let you know that the second title is being sold as the first. I bought the DVD expecting to get the first given the title, and a picture of the woman being attacked by vines immediately clicked as from the first. The graphics are exactly? the same. But it is in fact a sequel with...
  16. alfredo_buscatti

    Cuban Counterfeits

    I was all set to get a box of Raphael Gonzalez Panatelas Extra when I remembered that I'd read about the counterfeits. There's a lot to know on this issue and it takes all the fun out of it. I think I'm going to stick with non-Cubans.
  17. alfredo_buscatti

    How do you smoke straight VA?

    It eats my mouth alive! I know you're going to say slow down, but the pace at which I smoke is fine for any other tobacco class.
  18. alfredo_buscatti

    A Quality Lighter

    With pipes I'm fine with matches. With cigars, though matches can be used, the amount and density of tobacco make torch lighters a nice convenience. I'm in the market for a quality torch but keep returning to the sad fact that they don't exist, no matter how much you pay. Am I wrong? If I...
  19. alfredo_buscatti

    Writing for Quality Briar

    Wanted to let you guys know I'm writing pipe descriptions for Nick @ Quality Briar. At 58, having been a writer since HS, this is the first time I'm getting paid. Given the quality pipes he sells, the chance to write about such fine work is in many way delightful. The only downside is that I...
  20. alfredo_buscatti

    Romeo & Juliet 1875

    Smoked a big 'un this week, bought for me, probably 7.5 X 56. Good cigar, not great, but you can get them for ~$6, and their value is apparent. A spice bomb. Given how big it was I thought I'd have to be 2" in to get good flavor, but it was tasty from the getgo. It was a $6 cigar that I would...