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    Bob Dylan

    I saw him a couple of nights ago. Color me impressed! Great voice, great energy, fantastic re-arrangements. Some songs don't need new arrangements (Highway 61 Revisited), but Ain't Dark Yet really benefitted from one. I wasn't as old as most of the audience (many had become mathematicians and...
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    NHL Playoff Thread

    I know it's a little early, but I thought we'd hit the ground ice running this year. It's odd not seeing the Red Wings and Blackhawks in this year. I can't see the golden Knights going deep (too many injuries), but for as much as I dislike Bettman, he did this expansion team right. It cost my...
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    NHL Playoffs

    So great to see the Preds win today. I moved to Nashville in 2005, and then moved to MI in 2011. The lockout had just ended, I graduated from college, and everything was looking up, but they could never get out of the second round of the playoffs. 12 years later, they've finally made it to the...
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    Just Bought a Pipe

    Long time cigar smoker, just bought a pipe and traded cigars for pipe tobacco. I'm not sure what I like yet--I've had only Escudo, Gaslight, and Frog Morton Cellar. I joined the board a while back thinking that I was going to change over, but I must have decided against it for whatever reason...